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How to apply pink BLUSH with BRUSH – Blush application tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to apply BLUSH with BRUSH. I used pink bluch by Sensai which is amazing. I get many questions about How to apply blush so I hope this application tutorial will help you to master it. I don't want to see women with too much blusher on their cheeks walking around like oranges or strawberries! Let's be friends! :) http://www.facebook.com/advisemystyle http://www.instagram.com/advisemystyle http://www.advisemystyle.wordpress.com I used a song by Monaco Lorenzo - Every breath you take https://www.jamendo.com/en/track/1175334/every-breath-you-take
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Ale Martinez (3 years ago)
So if your face is already round do you not recommend blush? And can blush and bronzer be used at the same time?
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
+Ale Martinez If it is really round, then no, because it will look like a muddy patch. :) Blush and bronzer can be used at the same time. Blusher is to give color to the "cheeks", bronzer makes the skin darker and you can as well use it for contouring the forehead. :)
A K (4 years ago)
Odlicen makeup!!! http://agneskrown.blogspot.com/
AdviseMyStyle (4 years ago)
@Agnes Krown Ciao Agnes! :) Me veseli, da me podpiraš. Sem si že parkrat ogledal tvoje delo in mi je všeč, samo ne postat linkov na Youtube, ker grejo komentarji v spam folder. Tega sem ti odobril, vendar je težava v tem, da te lahko Youtube zaradi tega blokira. Vse dobro ti želim. Mwa
Yosra Ryan (4 years ago)
Love ur tips
AdviseMyStyle (4 years ago)
@Yosra Ryan Bella! This is totally a look for you! :)
Wolffenhaus Merry (4 years ago)
Happy,merry everything.
AdviseMyStyle (4 years ago)
Heeeeyyy @wolffenhaus Merry ! Merry, happy, stunning, loving and over the top to you toooo!!! :) Mwwwwaaa :)

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