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How to contour long and oval face?

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Contouring long and oval face is easy. In this makeup tutorial I will show you how to do it if you are a woman of color. My model Sarah Jane has light brown skin which you can contour with powder or cream. I decided to use my MAC Pro concealer palette which is the best product I ever bought. I use this palette more than any other makeup product and after 4 years it still looks full. For more personalized makeup tutorial I strongly recommend you to check my video makeup tutorial recommender system at http://www.advisemystyle.com
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Text Comments (64)
Nana Nosrati (5 months ago)
She's not changed 😞👎
rocio (8 months ago)
Where are you from?
and ı was thinking my face is long
Catalina Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Oval faced women want to have a diamond looking face and the diamond faced women want to have it oval lmao.
Sharnae Vermudez (1 year ago)
I have a face just like hers. I have developed low self esteem. Please give me some tips.
yasi nz (24 days ago)
Hana Desu oh come on.. lots of guys love longer faces and thinks its super sexy... trust me i’ve seen lotssss... plus u can always find what hairstyle looks cuter on u.. u can always use a bit of lip and cheek fillers.. works miracles on long faces.. do a nose job but keep it natural... after nose jobs the face looks really rounder than before!! so use technology to reduce facial flaws as I mentioned and u’ll see how hotter u will look!!! plus personally i’ve been focusing on my body too and going regularly to gym.. all guys love a fit body... it takes some time to do the stuff I mentioned but its worth the try hun❤️
Hana Desu (3 months ago)
I have a long face and sometimes when I take a picture staight to the cam, I have distorted facial features. My smile is going to the left, my fat nose is slanting and my face is big and long. Sometimes I wanna kill myself because I'm that ugly
Nithya J (11 months ago)
Sharnae Vermudez I hope it helps to say you really aren't alone! 💓 The thing that helps me is remembering people look at the total package, the vibe you give, how you speak and act, barely one thing on your face. Quality people like others for how they treat themselves and others, not their face. It's ok to struggle w/ these things but you CAN overcome this, and I hope this helps you even just a bit, stay strong! 💪✊
Sharnae Vermudez (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle kind of hard to stop worrying when everyone thinks, that I'm a man! It just upsets me mentally! This advice was very helpful though.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Stop worrying and start living!!! How's that for a tip?
AA (1 year ago)
This video is really impovering for us with oblong faces, really.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Yaaaaaayyyy!!! There is one more for such face shape. Welcome to watch it. ;)
Diana Maguicay (1 year ago)
will this make look face shorter?
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Diana Maguicay Yes! Try it and let me know your experience. 😉
Khokhi H (1 year ago)
Your advice is priceless, I listen carefully to you sharing your knowledge. Thanks 👍
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Khokhi H Wooohhhoooo!!! So cool! Exactly the type of fan we love. ❤
Good video
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Scarlett The Style Studio Mooorrreeee coming on contouring. 😉
sai vlog (1 year ago)
big mistake what are you doing
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Sai Raghav Whhhhyyyyy?
sai vlog (1 year ago)
big mistake what are you doing
J MO (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+J MO My pleasure! I also welcome ypu to check our blog, you'll find cool stuff there... https://advisemystyle.com
Tash Coryn (1 year ago)
I'm glad I came across this video, my face is oblong and have found it very hard to do my make up, this video is so simple, thanks for sharing
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Tash Coryn Hiiiii Tash! Welcome to my channel! :)
Tejal Malani (1 year ago)
Hi Jure ..which MAC palette you advise for wheatish Indian Skin tone ? The Medium Deep or the Dark one ?
Tejal Malani (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle Thank you so much
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Tejal Malani MAC pro dark palette I use all the time. :)
Emilin Castillo (2 years ago)
I am following this tutorial ...hopefully I am right to think my face shape is oblong 🤔
Atika Siddiqui (1 year ago)
Emilin Castillo mine too
A J (1 year ago)
Your face shape is a circle.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Emilin Castillo You look oval to me...
Shruffle (2 years ago)
I don't know WHY they continue to tell us ladies with long faces to contour on the cheeks like that. It's makes all of us look suddenly gaunt and hollowed in. You are creating a shadow where you need brightness to widen the face. The chin and forhead, yes it works. Ladies, I have been doing this for years. Smile, and put a bit of rosy on the part of your cheek that lifts and turns into a ball. This will in fact, make your face look fatter, wider, more balanced. Highlight just a bit of the front cheek towards the nose. It's the only method that really works!!!
Shruffle I agree. I have an oblong face and I would never put contour on the hollows of my cheeks to make my face look skinnier and more hollow. Nooooo it already looks gaunt without anything. I’m trying to gain weight to hopefully get some weight on my face
WakinTheDeadFan (23 days ago)
@ShruffleI have a long flat face, no cheekbones and an underbite. It sucks
G_ Colores (7 months ago)
Shruffle Absolutely yes !!! I agree with u
Shruffle (2 years ago)
No, sorry not me, but I changed it so it's at least my hair now. :) I have a similar face shape as the lady in this vid.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Shruffle Love If that's you on the photo, you have a heart shaped face. ;)
xVvix xnNix (2 years ago)
can you do complete tutorial of the thumbnail? i love the eyes
s q (2 years ago)
You're one of the few make-up artists I'd take advice from
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+s q Frogolina! When will you change your profile so that we see how lovely you are? :)
Funny Girl (2 years ago)
so, my unrelated questions: 1 - would you do a video how to do a little make up for men. I don't mean drag queen style etc. for regular men who would like to touch up for a night out or for business men who want to look awake and healthy for a meeting, wedding etc...? 2 - do you somehow have a chance to do the make up of the singer for this years eurovision song contest participant of serbia? thanks :-D
Funny Girl (2 years ago)
that is interesting too. you know, since a few month we have here in vienna a little make up store, with on brand only. it is a turkish brand. I am of turkish origin (really originally origin is in the nothern parts - at the black sea, but for 70 years the relatives are all in istanbul). I have a rather light complexion. though I realized that that brand is not that bad and most of the products have a very good price. as I am sensitive, I cannot use a lot of brands, and I had no problem with their lipstick. believe it or not, I cannot buy anything there related with skin and skin color. it just doesn't fit. it's always a little too much on the orangy side. most of the turkish women like and wear gold (yellow and red). I only were silver or white gold. if I would have lived there and would wear make up I think I would always look like someone who doesn't know how to handle it or always overdoes....or maybe like a drag queen ;-D
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Nursen Nursen Why would you like to see men's makeup? :) Do you guys wanna play kinky? Lol! No, no...Just kidding. I might do one day, bit to be honest, I am really busy with other stuff and Youtube is the last thing on my mind. But what I am interested in is Serbian makeup. I actually did my Thesis on Perception of luxury in Ex-Yugoslavian countries. :)
Funny Girl (2 years ago)
I just open up this video for the second time to ask you a unrelated question, but somehow I am shocked that it only got 797 views till now. hm. I don't get it, it is very informativ and should be interesting for a lot of people - now that contouring is so popular. I will put it in my playlist.
Funny Girl (2 years ago)
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Nursen Nursen You know why... Because most women are only interested in amazing transformations. People nowadays can't distinguish between real life and fake news. Applying makeup as in this tutorial actually makes me look incompetent in the eyes of the bride. I actually did a couple of trials that didn't turn into a wedding makeup. :) But then they came whining back saying they look like Drag Queens on the wedding photos. And I am like... Yaaaaayyyyy!!! :)
Alyssa B (2 years ago)
...Wow. I never thought I'd see such specific contouring advice. Thank you!
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Alyssa B OMG!? I see your profile and wooohhhhoooo!!! That is cool! :)
Lucia Sanchez (2 years ago)
I loved this video! my mom always asks me to contour her face and I didn't knew how to do it! Pleaso do a video for upturned protruding eyes :( I still don't know what to do with my makeup
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Lucia Sanchez Hi, just find the videos here... www.advisemystyle.com
Matzmieze (2 years ago)
Jure, watching you doing makeup is like watching a magic show! You are amazing
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Matzmieze Hiiiii!!! Feels great to have superfans! :)
Sue_MS Warrior (2 years ago)
Ciao,ciao,ciao !!! 😃
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Sue's life with MS Ciiiiiaaaaooooo!!! :)
FrauEmily1 (2 years ago)
Congrats on 40 000 subscribers 👍👏😘 i'm happy for you! Well deserved and I wish you even more my dear jure😊
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+FrauEmily1 Heeeeeeyyyy!!! Thank you for noticing. I still think this is very slow and will change the concept of the videos unfortunately. But I'll keep professional ones on my website. :*
Sky (2 years ago)
will you be doing a video on her look in the thumbnail too? ^^
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Sky C Yes! Next Sunday, same time. :*

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