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Makeup Do's and Dont's for Protruding Eyes with NIKA ERČULJ

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I am so happy that I was able to host Nika Erčulj in my studio once again! This time we will show you makeup do's and dont's for protruding eyes. Women with protruding eyes lots of times struggle with applying an eyeliner. We'll show you why and what other makeup you can do instead of a cat eye flick. Hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial and make sure you check out Nika's channel and subscriiiiiibbbeeee!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/NikasInnerBeauty Music from Jukedeck - create your own at http://jukedeck.com
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Text Comments (51)
Renee Elias (4 months ago)
Thank u! Very nice. Glad i found your site. My prominent/protruding eyes thank you
AdviseMyStyle (4 months ago)
Wooohhhoooo! Helllooooooo! 👋🤗
Hannah Rannah (6 months ago)
I FINALLY know why my eyeliner wings never look straight once I full open my eyes!! Thank you!
alfoz123 (9 months ago)
love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
kowsi kowsi (11 months ago)
Narendra Madare (1 year ago)
what beautiful eyes😍
Jenny A (1 year ago)
I just tried this and it looks soooo good. Your advice worked better than what makeup artists have been doing to my eyes in the past. I never understood why eye makeup looked weird on me, until I finally thought to search specifically “protruding eyes”. Thank you for this simple tutorial. I think I can finally become creative and confident with eye makeup.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Yaaayyyy!!! Lovely to see such feedback! Are you new to our channel then?
Diana M (1 year ago)
Thank you for the tips! And for taking your time to make this video ❤️Do you have any tips for someone who has downturn and protruding eyes? I have trouble bringing back my eyes without making them look smaller and droopier.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Diana M My pleasure! Girls here in Slovenia have mainly deep set eyes, but worldwide I guess most women have protrudin actually. 😀
Diana M (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle oh fantastic I will watch them! And thank you so much I'm so excited for the video! God Bless ❤️. Thank you for sharing your gift with us it's helped a lot ❤️
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Diana M Hi Diana! ☺ There are a couple of downturned eyes tutorials we did, therefore search our database. Nevertheless, we'll definitely make a video that will answer your question in the near future, so stay tuned. ;)
Great Value Bleach (1 year ago)
i'm sorry did he just say nigga? 0:06 (its a joke)
Great Value Bleach (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Great Value Bleach Hahahaha!!! Niiiiiikkkkaaaaa! :)
Funny Girl (1 year ago)
Hi Jure! I know, you are busy with different things now and I might asked for one or the other kind of video before, but lately I see a lot of interesting, funny out of the box make up here and there and I keep thinking, how would you do that or what would you like to mix and match color wise.... with the coming party times with Halloween and all other kind of fall/winter ball and events, I keep thinking of outstanding make up. I myself don't go to parties and I even don't want to go to our companies fall event and Christmas party but if I would I would love to see others trying something outstanding and amazing that does not look childish or like a sort of interpretation of art of makeup but without a clue ;-) , you know what I mean? some fancy look that looks like someone knows how to handle color and shape. I love that kind of looks, not only as a video I mean in real live. and sometimes I can see young girls trying out something but somehow some details seems to be unbalanced for the complete look. I probably cannot describe exactly what I mean.. . I know going by season or theme is not the kind of tutorial you want to do for now, but I am sure you can incorporate that in one of the tutorials that are linked with eye-/face shape or eye color but I think there is room for that :-)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Nursen Nursen Heeeeyyyy!!! I totally know what you mean, but such looks go on very specific faces. So, if I have a model with such and souch features, it would look great, whereas on everyone else would look like a disaster. That's why I am not that into artistic makeup. :)
IRuinEverything (1 year ago)
your channel is a breath of fresh air from the other YouTube makeup artists that i have seen in the past 8 years.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+DanzoRuinsEverything Heeeeyyyy!!! So sorry for the late responses. I see you're new so weeeelllcccooommmeee. :)
Free mind (1 year ago)
Is he gay?
Free mind (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle hahahaaaaa
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Free mind Noooooo... 😭😭😭
Free mind (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle hhhh well im married and I have a baby already :))
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Free mind So...Do you wanna date me? We'll get married an have three kids!!! 😍😍😍
Free mind (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle no but most male make up artists are gay...thats why im asking
Na Na (1 year ago)
sahib kaur (1 year ago)
Why don't you come in the videos anymore? Miss seeing your face!!
live and let live (1 year ago)
Another super tutorial...😍😍
Mary K' (1 year ago)
I love it when you use kohl pencil it makes everything easier but can you mention the thing you use
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Mary K' What do you mean "the thing I use"? Like what products I use? I will start putting products list in the description soon. I am just running out of time usually, but that's the first thing I am working on. :)
Lupus in Fabula (1 year ago)
It would be amazing to have you over here to do my make up for a ocassion this week.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Coraline LTB I bet we would have an awesome time! :)
Funny Girl (1 year ago)
this is made for me ;-) :-D Thanks for this tutorial
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Nursen Nursen Woooohhhhoooo!!! That's what I love to hear!!!
Viviána (1 year ago)
Do you find it easier using an angled brush for eyeliner? Have you tried a long bristle brush like the mac 210 for lining? I think it's much easier with it.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Johanna90 Well...As a makeup artist doing makeup on others, I prefer the angled brush, but if I would be doing my own makeup, I would use a round pointed one I guess. :)
Dream head (1 year ago)
Just love your works
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Game_bone Aaaawwww!!! Thank yooouuu!!! :)
Funny Girl (1 year ago)
Sue_MS Warrior (1 year ago)
Hola chico loco!!! Great job as usual :)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Sue's life with the MonSter Chiiicccaaaloooocccaaaa!!! :) Thank you for your support always. :) I really appreciate it! :*
Tânia Sofia Cruz (1 year ago)
Gorgeous! Thank you for answering my hooded eyes prayers! :) the first liner was my biggest wth? Why does it do this wierd smudge and in my eyes liner makes me super sad looking if I use "youtube" technique! So thank you again! Make up artists should be the only ones making tutorials! So tired of beauty gurus! Nevermind Im just cranky today! Lol
Tânia Sofia Cruz (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle I'll keep waiting! Save us from beauty gurus and sponsors!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Tânia Cruz MUL That's awesome news Tania! :) I'll try to show you more of such things. :*
Nadine El Nour (1 year ago)
lol i love that you sound drunk all the time. but hey you know what you're doing with makeup so no complaints
Iasha Woodham (1 year ago)
I love your voice! Just sounds like you are enjoying yourself! Nice tutorials!
Goran Blažič (1 year ago)
😅 ooops ☺️
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Goran Blažič Hahaha! This calls for a meeting!!! :) Shout out to AdviseMyStyle's co-founder everyyyyyyooonnneeee!!! :) He's the one doing the digital magic behind the scenes! :)
Goran Blažič (1 year ago)
yes, yes you do 😅 -ish
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Hahahahaaaa!!! OMGGGG!!!??? Doooo IIIII!!! I would never have thought, because I am really sober! :)

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