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7 Alpha Male Body Language Tricks (Makes You SEXY to Women)

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Text Comments (87)
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Thanks for watching guys! Do you like how I’ve been adding music/videos that match with the points? Comment below and let know!
Jason D (25 days ago)
Yeah bro it helps gets the point across.. Also helps that you get the insight if your girlfriend in the videos with the examples, demos etc.. Peace
Andrei Andrei2 (3 days ago)
Where u find those girls between steps man?
Little wizard (4 days ago)
Thanks great advice Dave 👊🏼
Dlxxx159 (12 days ago)
not gonna lie, the girl looks uncomfortable as (even though she aint)
wojtekimbier (19 days ago)
I was expecting one of the usual click bait videos. But what you said seemed very reasonable and you showed clips and photos that actually visualise things you mention very well. Quality vid!
Reckinater (20 days ago)
Write this down! write this down!👌
Alon G (21 days ago)
Awesome video and I especially love your specific tips on the eye contact part, really awesome! Also, speaking of which...how "exactly" does your convo with women go from platonic to sexual after staring into her eyes that particular ways? Like what happens right after that moment that makes it more sexual?
Chris D (23 days ago)
What's up homey Dave, another powerful video... quick question... where did you buy that shirt?... every video you make is getting better & better and the songs are 🔥
urmanascrewed (23 days ago)
I respect that the jamoke tried. I don't know how often that happens, but it could be annoying if it's a lot. Excited for the Q&A
syed muhammed Abdulla (24 days ago)
More Power to You,My Man.Keep Rocking!!
stephen killick (24 days ago)
What I like about you physique Dave is you're nicely toned, not a muscle Mary which most women hate, a top tennis physique is what women like
stephen killick (19 days ago)
@Dave Perrotta Would you agree that some people go overboard and its not attractive?
Dave Perrotta (24 days ago)
Hahah thanks bro
Kelita Bryan (25 days ago)
Yoooh Why you gotta copy How To Beast's style thou😅😅😊😅
Riz Kler (25 days ago)
Cheers guys & you told dat jermoke 🤘🏼😅😂🤣👍🏼 🤘🏼😎👍🏼
zack jones (25 days ago)
I'll follow Dave into battle 😂😂 We gonna hit that 20k don't worry Dave!!
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
We just hit it! Thanks bro
GINO IDNANI (25 days ago)
Brandy Irwin (25 days ago)
Hey Gino idnani
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
GINO IDNANI welcome to the channel
Jason D (25 days ago)
Great video man.. Very valid points and great demonstrations and insight from your girlfriend.. You could probably argue body language is the MOST important thing (what people see before they hear you or know you).. Respect brother.. Peace ✌️
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
Jason D thanks man yeah def helps to have her
Lol man got shut down! I love your channel bro!
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
New York Giants Blood!!!! Thanks man yeah he deserved it
vaibhav pathak (25 days ago)
Your body language when that guy interrupted...... not impressive
Alshareef Ahmed (25 days ago)
Bro you have done an awesome job I feel I'm gaining skills every time I see new video of yours thanks alot Dave 😎
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
Alshareef Ahmed thanks bro! That’s the goal!
Demarcus evans (25 days ago)
Nice vedio man, and nice jeans as well
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
Thanks bro
James Kahng (25 days ago)
Yo, excellent video. I can see the consistency setting in and you're really finding your stride, man.
James Kahng (25 days ago)
@Dave Perrotta Everything is becoming more natural and you're really owning the camera and space. I like it. Inspired by the progress and the content thus far. Thanks.
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
James Kahng thanks bro I’m working on it
Zach (26 days ago)
Yo what is a jamone?
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Zach an idiot
Jorre De Gendt (26 days ago)
He who you called a jamoke could have known better. If someone is on the phone and calling, you should not go to disturb. shows that it's more different than someone calling on the phone. You really do not want to destroy anyone's masterpiece. very disrespectful of him. Good vid Dave!!
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
Jorre De Gendt haha exactly. F**k that guy!
Leonardo (26 days ago)
Hey Dave I'm loving the content recently, keep it coming!
Dave Perrotta (25 days ago)
Leonardo thanks man will do
Mel Thoms (26 days ago)
As i get more confident women are less giving eye contact and more spacy am i doing something wrong
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Merhaba Tamam probably man it’s hard to say what though just based on the comment
Luis Of The Lion (26 days ago)
Румен Бонев (26 days ago)
Imagine we hook up and then look her with that look.
Румен Бонев (26 days ago)
Put my chest up. My shoulders back and my head straight.
Румен Бонев (26 days ago)
Be conscious of my tick and replace it.
Christian Bellanca (26 days ago)
Hey big homie dave whats up i just went bowling today and before i left i complimented a girl on her dress and told her that i like your dress and i didn't hesitate i just went up there and approached her like a boss
Christian Bellanca (26 days ago)
@Dave Perrotta i will bro and u and david stay beastly
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Christian Bellanca that’s awesome man! Keep it up
Sean Lunny (26 days ago)
Great video. The rock is a prime example of being open wide and taking up space
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Sean Lunny definitely man!
Jas Espy (26 days ago)
Dave with the fresh cut !
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Jas Espy thanks bro
Thank you man, this is great!
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Way of the Late Bloomer for sure man
aadesh Pratap (26 days ago)
These body language tricks always makes a strong impression on girls and our boyz groups... last part was amazing 'to make out 😂😂..and that jamoke should know never to interrupt between work
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
For sure man! And yeah exactly lol he lucky he didnt get knocked out
Humble Wonder (26 days ago)
Y'all really gotta get over the superficial shit when it comes to getting females. Anyway, much love Dave!
Humble Wonder (25 days ago)
@Brandy Irwin hey Brandy
Brandy Irwin (25 days ago)
Hey humble wonder
Pizzles Tech Time (26 days ago)
Have you seen the video about manspreading... Lol
Pizzles Tech Time (26 days ago)
@Dave Perrotta I don't blame you I watch a lot of reaction videos to them for comedic value of course.
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Pizzles Tech Time I don’t have time for feminist bs lol
Pizzles Tech Time (26 days ago)
Fresh Cut! Told all the single guys at my girls work to watch your videos!
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Pizzles Tech Time haha thanks bro
Bret McClanahan (26 days ago)
Mr Perrotta,...YOU are THE Man ! When You reach your 50s like me, You will certainly look back and appreciate as well as understand how far ahead of your time YOU really are currently. As I have stated previously,...The mere fact that YOU have this YouTube Channel validates your experience and knowledge of topics covered. If your adventures ever bring You to Albuquerque, look me up,...Lunch is on me. YSC ! You're So Cool. By all means keep making these videos and I will continue to watch as a happy subscriber,...Besides,...I look so busy at my desk during the work day.
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Bret McClanahan thanks man I appreciate that!
kc270352 (26 days ago)
what the hell did that guy say lool
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
He came up trying to sell me something in Spanish while i was clearly making the video. Jamoke city
Chemi Smokebender (26 days ago)
😂😂😂 the dude that interrupted the vid
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
I almost knocked that jamoke in the face.
DANIEL BERNARDO (26 days ago)
You've improved the video quality bro!! Keep up the good work man
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Chemi Smokebender (26 days ago)
Haha love the track “shine” you used
Domenic Lavigna (26 days ago)
This video is what I need to be consistent going forward .
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Nice man make it happen
Rafa River (26 days ago)
What a dick you could've nicer to your fukin fan.
thousandlegger (25 days ago)
He was trying to sell something.
Chemi Smokebender (26 days ago)
NexT RobertRD (26 days ago)
Chemi Smokebender (26 days ago)
NexT RobertRD 💪🏼💪🏼
Neil Willis (26 days ago)
Eye Contact is one that seem so simple and obvious on paper but I still forgot to do haha.Thank you for reminding me the power of Eye contact
Brandy Irwin (25 days ago)
@Dave Perrotta hey hit me up here is my number (430)342-2231
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
For sure man it's key! Especially looking in that specific way I talk about
Abhirup Basu (26 days ago)
Nice video brotherman! 🙌💯
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)
Thanks man!
Gomunga (26 days ago)
Dave Perrotta (26 days ago)

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