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PROTRUDING EYES - What is my eye shape?

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In this tutorial we take a closer look at prominent eyes; and we have to say, Gaja’s are one beautiful example 😍💫 More information: https://advisemystyle.com/blog/2019/01/31/easily-recognizing-prominent-eyes Other articles and content: https://advisemystyle.com
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hero txt. (6 days ago)
Nice video! I don't know what eyes I have.. If deep set, prominent, small, huge, hooded, up turned, down turned, round, almond, blue, yellow, purple, galaxy... I still don't know. It change everytime 😁😭
Mariel Hinojosa (3 months ago)
I'm so confused... I've had very prominent, deep crease under each eye since I was a kid but my lids are hooded and the eyes of the model in one of the deep set eyes video (not the one in the playlist) look the most like mine so now I have no idea what my eye shape is. 😕
Suki Khunyaki (3 months ago)
I'm southeast Asian with prominent eyes, they look sleepy or mean most of the time, quite hard to do eyeliner so I never try T_T
Bettina Puskás (4 months ago)
Don't apply makeup on her, she is so beautiful. 😢❤
Sara Omari (5 months ago)
Please do makeup on her eyes thank you!
Samyuktha Vinod (5 months ago)
U mentioned that people with these eyes Ll find it difficult to manage cut crease look. It is absolutely true. I find it difficult as well. Can u plz tell us the reason for it. Either in comment here or in seperate video plz.,, TIA
Emma Diaz (5 months ago)
I would love to see some makeup looks on her eyes! They’re similar to mine except mine are more downturned. Love your channel please don’t ever stop!!!
Heeyitsmika (5 months ago)
Makeup with her eyes please!!! Her crease extending outwards beyond her eyes are sorta like mine.
Pooja Hazra (5 months ago)
Finally found my eyeshape!
Michelle Singleton (5 months ago)
Thats protruding eyes.I never knew that.
geminilicious (5 months ago)
She has very beautiful eyes
Elite (5 months ago)
Didn't you say last year that you'll quit YouTube if you don't reach 100k subscribers in one year?
SereNekoChan (5 months ago)
I have protuding eyes and i hate them 😭 i dont know what type of make-up suit me better :/
Lindsay Harris (5 months ago)
You’re actually very lucky. Women pay lots of money to make their eyes look bigger and stand out. U just need to play and practice! Really most things will look good!
SereNekoChan (5 months ago)
@Ruby Kitty thank you very much, i will try😊
Ruby Kitty (5 months ago)
Look for tutorials to elongate your eyes. How to make eyes look almond shape make up looks or cat eye make up looks. You should also just practice in front of the mirror. Start off with a small amount of product and build up the coverage and remember to blend. Try adding light shimmer eye shadow to your inner corner. Apply a matte brown shade all over your lid and line lower lash line with the same matte brown. Darken the outer corner with a darker matte shadow. Line your eyes and flick it up on the outer corner. Mascara and or mascara/lashes. Hope this helps dollface❤ sorry for the novel haha
Jessica Fowler (5 months ago)
finessence808 (5 months ago)
This is my eye shape exactly. Cool to learn about.
Dima b (5 months ago)
She is Giggling like she likes you hahahaha
Samyuktha Vinod (5 months ago)
1st viewer. I ve protruding eyes too

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