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“Are my eyes downturned?”

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Downturned eyes are just an eye shape like any other, and there are thousands of different makeup looks that can look insanely good on precisely that eye shape. "But how do I know if my eyes are downturned?", we get asked all the time. So to cut things short, there are 3 checkpoints you can go through to find out if your eyes are downturned. Check the tutorial to find out more! 😎✌🏼😘 More information: https://advisemystyle.com/blog/2018/09/27/are-my-eyes-downturned Other articles and content: https://advisemystyle.com
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Text Comments (25)
Blu Belle (4 days ago)
She laughs too much, very annoying too
Rhoda Yackez (1 month ago)
Oh I have them. Very clearly evident with me.
AdviseMyStyle (1 month ago)
Heeeyyyy!!! :) Welcome to my channel. :)
hifret (8 months ago)
downturned eyes that are curved like hers are the absolute most beautiful to me. they look so romantic i wish mine were like that
Sanjida Naznin (5 days ago)
Darling! You probably have got no idea how horrible, sick and sad downturned eyes makes you look.
Maria Pb (3 months ago)
What's wrong with you, guys!?😂 I fucking hate my downturned eyes...
Carrie Hew (5 months ago)
Omg same, I find down turned eyes really attractive
pay1370 (8 months ago)
sad puppy squad unite!
Alexa Mero (9 months ago)
I love it !!
notoriousPeanut (9 months ago)
I think your advice is informative but my god, she’s a beautiful girl. Say something nice.
Ish Bersue (9 months ago)
Can we please have round eyes?
Sangeeta. Chhetri67 (9 months ago)
Please do makeup on like Chinese face with small eye without any lids and Flatt nose type pls pls
Angel Dively (9 months ago)
I like when you have this model. You guys make eachother laugh- it has me laughing. Helpful video. You probably helped a lot of people here! 😘
Porgdaporg (9 months ago)
Short, sweet, and to the point! Excellent demo 🙂
FitchersBirds (9 months ago)
Just want to say how much i love your video's. You show real make up and people and shapes and i love seeing makeup as it should be applied! But you keep messing with my routine!! With almost every video I end up second guessing something and chance! :D I've always been unsure about my eye shape but im pretry sure they're downturned. They have a good amount of lid space and I think they would be considered deep set but they droop down from about where my iris starts making my eyes, which aren't really droopy but go straight across, look sad. I've never been 100% sure what looks would look right on them and keep changing my mind. Videos like this which talk about round, deep set or downturned eyes always make me second guess what I've been doing! Don't think I'll ever be sure! :D
Di :3 (9 months ago)
I have commented before about this but I just want to shout out loud from the roof tops “Nobody talks about this!!!!” LOL! My eyes are exactly like hers, deep set, more hooded even and look downturned because of the hood. I don’t watch makeup tutorials because what’s the point. Even people that make videos for hooded eyes don’t freaking have hooded eyes!! You’re a life saver, Jure!
jcjccmz (9 months ago)
I totally agree that 80% of the ppl who make hooded eye tutorial videos do not have down-turned hooded eyes.
Crystal Harmon (9 months ago)
Yup...nobody...or the fact that your eyes can be a combination...I'm downturned and one of my eyes is slightly hooded...but they look very oval so people first think...Almond...and I'm like...no no no dear...these lids are droopy on the end...
Carla Barreiro (9 months ago)
She has the exact same eye shape that I have which is kinda hard to find
Rosa Lee (4 days ago)
What’s it called tho
Helena Persson (4 months ago)
I have the same eyes! They don't look droopy without makeup, but it really shows if I apply a shadow on the lower lashline 😅 The inner and outer corners are at the same level, but I still look tired and sad with a shadow under the eye.. This explanes so much! 😁
maky makki (8 months ago)
I have same too!
_acidbath (9 months ago)
Oh my god same I was actually amazed
Sue_MS Warrior (9 months ago)
Almond shaped.....again with the nuts lol. Ciaooooo !!!
jigisha lohnare (9 months ago)
She is so adorable.. I really like your work!😘👍❣

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