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1969 percy sledge my special prayer

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Donna Ireland (15 seconds ago)
I absolutely get chills and very nostagic when I hear his voice!
Canal da Vó Teree (7 hours ago)
Lucy Romo (21 hours ago)
My special prayer for babe!!!!
Nicole Lapierre (1 day ago)
Frank Mambu (1 day ago)
Nice song. one of my fav
LudoRita Dockx (2 days ago)
Geraldo Lima (2 days ago)
Época de grandes cantores. Os melhores
Trent Canady (3 days ago)
A tear jerking song.
porraz maria (4 days ago)
Faustino Pereira (5 days ago)
Happy birthday in Heaven, God bless your soul,
Nadine Jameson (5 days ago)
Christina Roekamp (5 days ago)
Dit lied heeft voor mijn wel een hele bijzondere betekenis en herinneringen aan mijn man
trudy tonnard (5 days ago)
wat een mooie plaat,was hellemaal in de wolken
Petsana (8 days ago)
I did not expect to see Percy Sledge also naughty on stage!!!! He has a pure voice.
dirk coens (8 days ago)
Wonderful singer
Anna Cicilia (9 days ago)
Im loved
Ludel Brown (9 days ago)
Percy sledge o how I love his songs when a man loves a woman
Cynthia Goodine (10 days ago)
I listen to his music everyday..
Hinke Dijkstra (11 days ago)
Heb van: Br. Kees Goedhart Bijbelstudie gehad Hij kan goed iuitleggen
Hinke Dijkstra (11 days ago)
Graag een cd van Elly en Rikkert Je bent een parel in Gods Hand Heeft mij van mijn minderwaardigsheid complex afgeholpen Ben tussen mijn 3 de en 4 de jaar geschopt omdat ik een meisje was. Ben niet misbruikt maar de gevolgen zijn de rest van mijn leven nog aanwezig
Hinke Dijkstra (14 days ago)
Die jonge man zingt prachtig Daar word (zonder t) ik rustig van
Rodoljub Veljkovic (14 days ago)
Jeannette Wullink (14 days ago)
Zo mooi. Ik geniet !
sabrina ponnet (16 days ago)
s the best. Sledge......
jean claude Deuré (16 days ago)
Que de beaux souvenirs liés aces chansons, que de belles files tenues dans mes bras en dansant dans divers coins de France et ailleurs Où sont t'elles? merci a elles et a lui , a bientôt 75 ans je n oublie rien de ces beaux moments
Eau De source (16 days ago)
:) thanks
Christo Watkins (17 days ago)
One of my Mother's all time favorites...Today she is not with us anymore, but I know she is smiling down from heaven everytime I listen to this song. She taught me a lot of things, but what I remember the most about her is her love for genuine music!
Michelle Corbeau (19 days ago)
Plus beau..ça existe ? Non ! J'adore. Merci youtube de nous faire partager tous ces moments. J'avais 21 ans !! Les plus belles chansons.
Girlie Jison (19 days ago)
I wished I was borned yesrterday..
Ann-grete Frederiksen (20 days ago)
Dejlig musik jeg lytter til her Percy sledge
Rimson Siagian (20 days ago)
Haleluya jesus kristus
Josef Frankl (21 days ago)
es war unser Lied, Primosten und Lignano, ich werde immer daran denken........
Sammie Dawson (21 days ago)
Best of the best day don’t make dis songs Dis days were did the old times go can someone Please turn da times Back
Lise Ledoux (21 days ago)
J'aime beaucoup cette chanson
christiane meeuwes (22 days ago)
zo mooi !!!het blijft een topper !!+
Pascal Lefranc (23 days ago)
J'adore set chanson elle est magnifique
이승우 (24 days ago)
My special prayer! 1941
lance jacobs (25 days ago)
Walter Amigoni (26 days ago)
Bellissima canzone e bellissima voce
Godfrey Saldanha (26 days ago)
Absolutely fantastic melody and lyrics. Heavenly rendition
Colin Dobson (27 days ago)
How can anyone not love this
Ljiljana Dordevic (27 days ago)
Kakva je to muzika bila?Nikad ne mogu da joj se nadivim i naslusam.
Boonieb R (27 days ago)
Gets my heart...brings back such good Memories!!
Michelle Bergeron (27 days ago)
Greats like Percy Sledge will always be part of the music scene. Kids now days really do not know great music. Actual music and meaningful lyrics
Terisa Moodley (28 days ago)
My fiance loves this song. After a glass of wine this is his most requested song... in 2019
Christison (28 days ago)
Percy Sledge ...vocal dan penjiwaan setiap lagu yang dibawakan kereeennn
Donnie Hodge (28 days ago)
Great Song Great Singer
Mogar Gracez dos Reis (29 days ago)
Que música desprezível. Nojenta, não tem nada de agradável. Que pena ter que atuar repetidamente esse nojo de música que querem empurrar guela abaixo. Será que não teria nada melhor do que isso?
Cynthia Goodine (30 days ago)
beautiful song, play it several times a day.
Kanis Sinounou (30 days ago)
nice song,remind me of someone I spent 7 good years of my life with.RIP Percy
abandern (30 days ago)
cathy77 77 (1 month ago)
Eileen Downing (1 month ago)
Takes me back to the sin bin at Rebecca's (birmingham) .we had many happy nights there x
John Joseph Music (1 month ago)
So remember my late Mama. R.I.P in 2005..♥ ℒℴνℯ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♥
Marie-Michelle (1 month ago)
Percy Sledge still has the power to make me cry! Childhood memories of this man's music! So beautiful!
Empress Nadirah Moore (1 month ago)
Aww...my ❤ just told me to listen to this...so sweet!!
Annie Hendricks (1 month ago)
Love this!
Kim Jørgensen (1 month ago)
Percy Sledge, one of the best !
helen jean (1 month ago)
This brings back lovely memories
ramona michael (1 month ago)
🌹🌹🌹😭💋🌹🌹🌹😭 Jetzt könnte ich dazu Tanzen❤️
franz blaimer (1 month ago)
tolle nummer
Renan Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Alice Coper (1 month ago)
super cudny głos i tak czarowne wykonanie .......... dzięki......
Dorneia Jones (1 month ago)
So pleasingly sincere....that this song leaves you with the emptiness of nothing but, an individual with an emotional connection to the core of their life!
Felipe Android (1 month ago)
Ficou perfeito na voz de perci
shirley woodly (1 month ago)
love it
Heidi Jacobitz (1 month ago)
Daniel Silva (1 month ago)
this guy looks like a frog
Kirk Peters (1 month ago)
Did you really watch a video and comment on another man's looks?
Kogie Kogiepillay (1 month ago)
When ever I hear yr voice I think about my mum she loved u so much. The no more both of u guys rest in peace
Chris Kampinga (1 month ago)
geweldig super grote klasse
Lourde Domingues (1 month ago)
Lourde Domingues (1 month ago)
não canso de ouvir essa música amo
Ingrid De bie (1 month ago)
Mijn gebed voor mijn zoon die een ongeluk heeft gehad gister
Bio Deutsch (1 month ago)
Vielen Dank .👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kiki Schulte (1 month ago)
Kam Grad richtig in meine Stimmung. Tausend Dank Oma Kiki👍💞💚💛
Kathleen Job (1 month ago)
Shawn Mccarthy (1 month ago)
As long as I can remember i knew this song. Percy n Ben E. King grow up hearing them every Sunday
G P (1 month ago)
Colin Contrarian (1 month ago)
How could 2.8 k , Sledge this ?
Werner Pobatschnig (1 month ago)
Racist's, most likely!
Annette Meyer (1 month ago)
Christina Roekamp (1 month ago)
Heb dit lied gedraaid toen mijn man werd gecremeerd geweldig mooi lied
scarlete lete (1 month ago)
naravilhoso cantor pena ter falecido e lindas as musicas dele e uma bela voz.
이승우 (1 month ago)
병덕아! 살아있지? 세월이 너무나도많이 지나갔구나,나는 이렇게 망가졌다. 잘있어! 1941
Harry Ehrhardt (1 month ago)
Harry Ehrhardt (1 month ago)
anthony martin (1 month ago)
Susan padmore nice two tone 69 2019
Patrick Verelst (1 month ago)
Zeker in mijn top 10.
Antonio Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Percy,Elvis,Gldadys,Janis,Otis ,Kris e muitos mais devim ser eternosRIP
Ralph Williams (1 month ago)
Percy and elvis having a drink together served by the angels👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Indra Moses (1 month ago)
Heino H. (1 month ago)
Das Lied ist so schön. Da fühle ich mich gleich 30 Jahre jünger. Die schöne alte Zeit. Aber auch jetzt ist es schön,man ist nur etwas langsamer. ☺😁
James Rhea (1 month ago)
play his song over and over again I like his all his song
SGT No nostone (1 month ago)
beautiful song !
marianne rage (1 month ago)
Nydelige sang eg elsker denne sangen minner meg om da far spelte denne sangen
Henny Bolder (1 month ago)
Hier kan ik van weg dromen hed ik mooie herinneringen aan prachtige stem mooie tijd d oortje
Colin Ogilvie (1 month ago)
This man is a great singer beautiful voice i can listen to him all the time thanks Percy
henry samuels (1 month ago)
Most beautiful song I like it so much I lost it three years ago this song makes my heart on fire
Gerherd Snyman (1 month ago)
helmut wagner (1 month ago)
bei so einer gefühlvollen Musik geht nicht nur das Tor auf , sondern auch ganz weit das Herz , wunderbar , Man fühlt sich wie 20
Sophie Gagai (1 month ago)
2019..still love this🌺💖
philippe Grandjean (1 month ago)
super musique sa fais du bien
Delvorine Salazar (1 month ago)
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