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1969 percy sledge my special prayer

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Lourde Domingues (4 hours ago)
lindos lindo lindo
Lourde Domingues (9 hours ago)
amo essa musica
Lourde Domingues (23 hours ago)
muito lindo
Christine Shaw (2 days ago)
If you close your eyes and listen it is so deep and beautiful. X
Wambui Mathai (2 days ago)
Still the best
Judy House (3 days ago)
Dont make music like this anymore what a shame.
david innocent (1 day ago)
Gucci gang gucci gang guci gang......seriously imagine
anthony martin (4 days ago)
Susan padmore nice two tone 69 2019
Jessie Guidry (4 days ago)
We love this music God bless you all !!
Mamah Insan (5 days ago)
Asyik banget denger lagu lagu kenangan di pagi ini 11-02-2019
russell lookingbill (6 days ago)
Mr PERCY Sledge. this man had a way to sing his songs that would make you cry.Love it
Ingrid Rottenmanner (6 days ago)
ein wunderschönes Lied!!! R.I.P.
Anita Hüttmann (6 days ago)
Ich höre das Lied fast jeden Abend ich finde es herrlich die Stimme ist sehr romantisch. Danke dafür sagt Anita
Sam Sung (7 days ago)
Dion Hobson....... I love you lil bro ❤❤
Andy Tooala (7 days ago)
Who listen 2019?🙏🏽
Reminds me of my brothers Cuan, Ian ,Gerald and Gregory!!Good ole days as kids in Kokstad. Playing on the Philips turntable 33". Great days!!
Steve Raman (8 days ago)
you allways live in us
Caro Leota (8 days ago)
good memories while at college.😂 how I wish I could reverse time!!!I lost the love of my heart.
Monika Dietz (8 days ago)
Auch gott darf fehler machen
Elin Nehring (9 days ago)
Wunderschönen Song Danke
Beppie Doria (9 days ago)
prachtig lied geweldig zanger en geweldige stem
Dp Konsultan (9 days ago)
Oh..... My god. Wonderfull song www.dpkonsultan.com
Keitel Gaston (10 days ago)
Back then, it was the Greatness of a Singer is what really shone even with the simpliest backdrop. Unlike nowadays, when there's no Props, Fancy Costumes or Back-ups, the singer's natural talent will not surface...
Edilson Eziel Diniz (10 days ago)
Hermawan Istianto (11 days ago)
Izek Lock (12 days ago)
We went to the Capitol theatre, Bloemfontein,+.- 1966. Percy, blew our minds!!! and still does.!!! RIP. our precious friend!!!
jo lem (12 days ago)
good old music
Frank Owusu-Dome (13 days ago)
Percy was one of the greatest singers of our time,timeless Rip my brother
Anna Walpurga Trunilow (13 days ago)
I'll allways love your songs! ❤️F. THANK YOU 💕 -, R. I. P. 🌹
Avelino Oliveira (13 days ago)
Magnífica música!
Marek Kępiński (13 days ago)
fantastic song, I can listen through the ages
Mary Ange Law Kwang (14 days ago)
What a wonderful singer
Nasrun Ibot (14 days ago)
Sandra Quintana (15 days ago)
Laurence MOO (16 days ago)
I love this song thanks
Koy Sonin (18 days ago)
Yes I like this song and
Helga W (19 days ago)
Percy is in my heart forever 💕💕💕
Silvana Ruedi (19 days ago)
Manado Hawe (20 days ago)
Rindu Manado...dengar lagu ini...Ave Maria😭
Great unique voice r.i.p
joze gorisek (21 days ago)
Stara in vedno lepa ....
bronia49 (21 days ago)
Super piosenka,spaniałe wykonanie,pozdrawiam
Colin Dobson (21 days ago)
The greatest soul singer ever,
anthony martin (22 days ago)
Susan padmore
anthony martin (22 days ago)
Jean Voltat (22 days ago)
J adore tout tout tioout tout tout
john marlog (22 days ago)
God has got the greatest choir that is beyond imagination...Percy..Elvis..Marty Robbins..Jim R..Et Al
evelyn stewart (23 days ago)
I miss my Baby//brother. Lord please look after them
Tashona Vaimaona (23 days ago)
Nice song
enga chhangte (24 days ago)
in ngaithla ve em
Bob Rivers (24 days ago)
Beautiful job Percy.Thank you for the entertainment. Itotally agree with the two comments below this one Charles and Charlene.
Tou Hang (24 days ago)
Helga W (25 days ago)
und schon wieder höre ich dieses wunderschöne Lied, einfach traumhaft 💕💕💕👏👏👏
Berit Samuelsson (25 days ago)
faizal Pro (25 days ago)
thing is music my people
Ingrid Rottenmanner (26 days ago)
Berverley Ferguson (26 days ago)
I love percy just a classic real talent makes me feel so romantic especially after a few BF in The Bahamas
WinKee Manley (27 days ago)
Attended his show in 1970 when he was in Cape Town South Africa. Percy made a vinyl (LP) when he was here. Still have the vinyl and CD. Percy, you were the greatest. RIP.
Pauline Meggs (27 days ago)
Leroy Thompson (27 days ago)
A very powerful singer loved all of his songs.
Desiree Jaikaran (28 days ago)
Grooving on a saturday night outdoor party in the West Indies.
Kiki Schulte (28 days ago)
Bin 70 Jahre alt.percy immer wieder und zu meiner Beerdigung.traumstimme TRAUMSONGS. Danke LG Oma kiki
Philomina Mina (28 days ago)
so nice
bluenote824 jones (28 days ago)
My fav r n b singer of all time .
Alain Dimitri (29 days ago)
brigitte plechaty (29 days ago)
Ein wunderschönes Lied.immer wieder höre ich es.
Colin Ogilvie (29 days ago)
He is just a fantastic singer
fidelia Ferreira (30 days ago)
Quanto mais escuto esta canção mais quero ouvir. Amo a voz de Percy Sledge
Anette Christensen (1 month ago)
Toni Christie
porraz maria (1 month ago)
Anne France (1 month ago)
Sorry if this sounds racist BUT black people have the most beautiful voices. Always loved black voices.Im from the 50s era, so many beautiful singers from that era. Too many to mention here.
Natalija Kisačanin (1 month ago)
+++++++++++++++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riet Zeeman (1 month ago)
Fantastisch mooi
מרים פרץ
Tono Supryanto (1 month ago)
Hotman paris??
MentoX ni BosS (1 month ago)
Siapa yg nonton ini gara" ngeliat postingan hotman paris?
I Love this song 😍
Sobur BanderaZ (1 month ago)
Gw kesini gegara liat IG nya bang hotman paris. Ada yg sm g ya??
Mr.Jhon Aguas (1 month ago)
The great Christian song I love it
Manuela Malich (1 month ago)
Sehr schön 😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹😚
Bt Express (1 month ago)
Still gives me goose bumps all over -- after all the years I've listened to this song.
manuela dias (1 month ago)
Francelee Paris (1 month ago)
How can someone with such a uplifting and enchanting voice sing such a beautiful song..... wearing those clothes...🤔😂😂😂
S Dew (1 month ago)
back in a time when it did not matter how u looked as long as you had a great voice, you would be famous, now it is all computers shaving voices, and plastic surgery..
GeJoAn van der List (1 month ago)
Is en was een top zanger. Geweldig.
marianne rage (1 month ago)
Eg har cd’en av denne songen og far og mor og eg høyrte på denne sangen heilt fra eg var fire år og til nå og eg er snart 090566 femtiårene årnå i mai og arvet denne venyl platen etter far The Besst Nydelige sang
Siti Halimah (1 month ago)
Crispin De Guzman (1 month ago)
It's a great song I ever heard
Yvonne D (1 month ago)
Kelly Peterson (1 month ago)
I LOVE Percy Sledge! thank you so very much for the videos, the MUSIC!
Marie-Ange Aubras (1 month ago)
cette chanson ne donne des frissons je ne sais pas si c est de la joie ou de la tristesse mais je l écoute au moins une fois par jour
Peter Armbruster (1 month ago)
Superstimme.My Favorite Song.😎
Don2cris Cris (1 month ago)
I love this song ever ever and ever we r miss you all time ever... In Jesus name Amen amen and Amen
dan zaharie (1 month ago)
Hey Percy I'm sure you are busy entertaining the angels in Heaven You were and are the best R and B singer ever Keep on singing bro
MAINA GIKONYO (1 month ago)
Am listening with my dad and I can't believe how profound the message is.Am only 14 and I wonder if they will ever make music like this.
witgoedkoper1 (1 month ago)
charles southworth (1 month ago)
I agree.
Mahesa Dion (1 month ago)
Iwan fals - kumenanti seorang kekasih
Miliana Dan (1 month ago)
asta da... muzica!
Leone Robert (1 month ago)
Très belle , j'ai beaucoups pleuré sur ces chansons pendant mes 15ans et je pleure toujours en écoutant.,que de beaux souvenirs.
Yeli Yadav (1 month ago)
Lovely song...great lyrics ..Ave Maria .. Hail Mary . What a voice ..very solemn.

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