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How to make DEEP SET EYES look bigger and larger plus the basic CONTOURING for DIAMOND face shape

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If you have deep set eyes you'll love this basic makeup technique that will make your eyes look bigger larger! This is the makeup technique for deep set eyes that they teach in makeup schools all over the world. It makes your eyes pop out of from the dark! I'll also show you the basic contouring technique for a Diamond face shape. It is the same as for a heart shaped face, whereas if your face is diamond, you'll need to be more precise on the cheek bones. And remember... Don't be fools, don't follow makeup rules!!!
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Rhoda Yackez (1 month ago)
You didn't show how you lined her upper lid!!!
Rhoda Yackez (1 month ago)
@AdviseMyStyle call the cops!!??? Lol. Just kidding.
AdviseMyStyle (1 month ago)
OMG!? What should we do now!?
TheWyndiLady (2 months ago)
I’m a brand new subscriber and I know this is an older video but I’m just now finding it...I have very deep set eyes so I’ve always had trouble applying eye makeup, but this video helped so much! I was dying at your comment about the girls walking around looking like Christmas trees with too much highlighter 😂
AdviseMyStyle (2 months ago)
Heeeyyyy!!! Welcome to our channel. Enjoy your stay. 😉❤️
stephlau87 (4 months ago)
Not at all meant to be an insult but I'm watching this and thinking oh my gosh!!!..she looks like Corpse Bride in real life!! Gena Davis as well. ☺
AdviseMyStyle (4 months ago)
Fareeha Hussain (7 months ago)
ofcourse once again u have done a marvellous job..u have simply changed a simple to special within no time..nodoubt u have good approach on makeup and beauty. u have GOD gifted ability..so keep it up and stay blessed
AdviseMyStyle (6 months ago)
michaela briddon (8 months ago)
This guy is such a character and brilliant too
Isabel McConnon (8 months ago)
This has been the first makeup artist who did a very good makeup on deep set eyes. Actually, my eyes are so deep that sometimes it's hard to apply makeup on them. I feel like having surgery on the eye bone because I've been so tired of trying new things without any results. Thank you and congratulations
Leah Damron (8 months ago)
What a GORGEOUS model!
Lisa Noelle (9 months ago)
Can you use shimmer on older skin; I'm 50?
Kellye Raiborn (1 year ago)
I love that blush too, I have dry skin so I love using cream blush.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Yaaaayyy! Good job Kellye.
Kellye Raiborn (1 year ago)
I need that first brush, who makes those brushes? And what was the first brush #? I have small hooded deep set eyes, I need all the help I can get.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
It is ZOEVA's blending brush. Forgot the number. Maybe 217... Anyways... I use ZOEVA's brushes all the time. They are a great catch for the price.
Kim Ebina (1 year ago)
The guys accent 😍❤
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Ciao Kim! Thanks for the love and welcome to our channel.
Elis Mach (1 year ago)
Wonderful work.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Thaaaannnkkk yoooouuu! And welcome to AdviseMyStyle. :)
osuushiza8 (1 year ago)
So... I have very deep set eyes, not sure if they're prominent, but also a diamond shape/oval, but2 where my cheekbones stick out like Cruella DeVil & Maleficent (!!), very dark circles around my eyes that r brownish pink, a Pinocchio nose (*!*) w a slightly crooked bump on it, & very pale but sickly looking olive complexion. Hooray 4life!!' 😏 so, I have no Idea what2 do w all that mess... 😶
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Hey girl! Reading your description, I am positive you have a diamond face shape. I did a makeup tutorial on contouring for such face shape, just put it in search on our channel. And all your other questions will be soon answered with our makeup tutorial recommender system.
No name (1 year ago)
Stunning. You look just like a young Geena Davis ❤️❤️❤️❤️
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
OMG!? She dooooeeessss!!!
Elizabeth Paredes (1 year ago)
amazing ty!!! I have small lids and deep set eyes so I will be trying this!!!!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
So cooollllll! Would love to see your selfie. ;)
CodeCloud (1 year ago)
this guy is great but...If you have ever seen the youtube video about the 5th avocado...this is why I can't keep a straight face XD!!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+CodeCloud Hahaha! Got it!!! 😙
CodeCloud (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAm2seZob0A&t=11s It's utter chattery I assure you lol but I love that accent
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+CodeCloud Hiiii!!! I watched it but just can't figure out what you meant. Anyways...Welcome to our channeeelll! 😊
Safia Zahra (1 year ago)
wow sir awosime
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Safia Zahra Aaaawwww!!! Weeellcccooommmeeee!!! 💙
Dima b (1 year ago)
U have kik?my sister asked
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Dima Androgynous Heeeyyy!!! Kik? Like Kiko Milano makeup?
Freckledbananapeel (1 year ago)
Gahhh... I can't get enough of your videos and your style... It's so professional, yet so playful, personal and flirty, always providing top quality results. Always spot on. You're 100% real, honest and precise, love it!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Freckledbananapeel Heeeeeeyyyy!!!! Welcome to AdviseMyStyle! So happy to hear such positive feedback. 😗
Biba catface (1 year ago)
This guy me laugh a few times he's cheekier than most makeup "gurus" on here. Also the model really reminded me of Charlotte Riley, very pretty. New sub
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Biba catface Hiiiiii Bibaaaaa!!! Welcome to AdviseMyStyle. :) Glad you like my work and stay tuned this Sunday, because we're launching a blog. :)
Isabel McConnon (1 year ago)
I love the way you apply smokey eyeshadow on deep-set eyes. I also have very deep set eyes and sometimes my eyebrow bone bothers me. I wish you could make more videos with women who have the same problems. Thank you so much for the video. Where is your makeup school by the way?
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Isabel McConnon Heeeeeyyyyy!!! We don't have a makeup school, but we are developing an app that will answer all your questions. And this Sunday we're launching a blog, so stay tuned. :*
Dragana Dada (1 year ago)
This young lady is very beautiful! Tnx for video. :)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Dragana Dada My pleasure! There are a couple more on my channel. ;)
Walaa Mahmoud (1 year ago)
Look beautiful
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Walaa Mahmoud Thanks!!! :)
Isabel McConnon (1 year ago)
I love your videos. I have very deep set eyes and I've been struggling with my everyday makeup. Thanks again.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Isabel McConnon Hiiii Isabel! Then you'll love my video makeup tutorial recommender system I am launching in 3 months. I suggest you put your name down so that you don't miss it... www.advisemystyle.com
She looks like lana del rey .. again awesome makeup !
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Mbti الانماط بالعربي Heeeeyyy!!! It is lovelly to see such engaged fans. :)
Welks (1 year ago)
This artist is GOOD!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Debi Hammond Hello Debi! Welcome to AdviseMyStyle. :) Great to see new fans. :)
cecilia nkesi (1 year ago)
Hi, now I am so confused seems like I don't my eye shape in fact I am 41 yrs and the age might have course mine more dipper
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+cecilia nkesi Hiiii! Put your name down here and I'll soon help you out with an app www.advisemystyle.com
badabing (1 year ago)
What happened to the liner part?
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+badabing I forgot to record it. :(
ysera wannabe (2 years ago)
You sound like Borat XD
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+ysera wannabe How come it doesn't say? Borat's older...
ysera wannabe (2 years ago)
AdviseMyStyle ajsidjwjneksjnswn im so mad at myself for believing you!!!! i actually looked it up x_x stupid.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+ysera wannabe Borat is my brother! :)
Lady SHJ (2 years ago)
Lovely, she has very gorgeous features the deep set eyes, angular narrow cheeks, thin upturned nose & her long large lips aren't too thin or thick.
Neetu Sharma (2 years ago)
the best makeup video ever seen in life. what an artist!!! :)
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Neetu Sharma Hiiiiii!!! :)
Cosmoliteful (2 years ago)
I have contrasting feelings when I watch your videos, I say "this can't be right" :)) but then I like the result and I keep watching. I learn a lot and I appreciate that the videos are short and concise! I subscribed! :p
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Cosmoliteful Hahaha! This is one interesting comment. :)
Bettina P (2 years ago)
yay, i have the same eyes... i call them sracy-eyes 😂
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Yaaaaaaayyyy!!! :)
kiki shar (2 years ago)
Jure is the best . :D can we all plz share and make him more popular plz?
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Thaaannkkk yoooouuuu!!! :*
kiki shar (2 years ago)
I absolutely love your personality :) I hope your clothing line is going well :)
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+kiki shar I am trying to develop a video makeup tutorial recommender system. What you'll see here doesn't yet work well, but it will soon have an awesome content. www.advisemystyle.com :)
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+kiki shar OMG! I love your comment! :) I declare you best fan of the month!!! :* Thank you! :)
Corinne Woods (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just learned more from you in 10 mins than I have in years of watching "beauty guru" tutorials here on YouTube! You are so talented and your looks are beautiful. Thanks for the amazing tutorial! 😘
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Corinne Woods Hiiiiii!!! Welcome to my channel and thank you for the love. Go check my website, I bet you'll like it... www.advisemystyle.com
Tam Wham (2 years ago)
I just started watching your videos <3 I have deep set eyes and my crease goes all the way down to my lower lash line. I've completely given up on winged liner and am learning some new fun stuff to do from you. Thank you so much ^_^
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Tam Wham Yaaaaaayyyy!!! Hello Tam! Got to my website, you'll find plenty of useful info there... www.advisemystyle.com
Joann O'Halloran (2 years ago)
great video, this guy get right to work, some makeup videos the person talks forever before they get started.THANKYOU! excellent information,well presented.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Joann O'Halloran Yaaaaayyyy!!! A new happy fan! Go to my website, you'll be able to filter my videos. :) www.advisemystyle.com
Carlamari Drew (2 years ago)
You have no idea how much this helped me...all the contouring stuff does not work for me.....Thank you so much <3
Carlamari Drew (2 years ago)
@AdviseMyStyle I will!! Thanks!
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Carlamari Drew Wooohhhhooo!!! Then check out my makeup recommender system... www.advisemystyle.com
plonis almony (2 years ago)
When applying blush to a face with sagging/jowls, would the application be the same?
Anebarone Art (2 years ago)
I have small deep set eyes, tear throughs and purple dark circles on a light warm skin. And resting b*** face. Not even Jesus can save me. (I'm trying to figure a look that works without caking the dark circles with concealer as if they were the devil, but it is hard to find people who embrace lighter/minimal makeup on panda eyes.) ANYWAY, you're so funny and informative! Thank you! +sub~
WhitleyBabe (10 months ago)
Lol😂 Same, I'm beyond salvation... Small deep set hooded eyes, long straight lashes that refuse to curl, dark brown circles and undereye bags for days. There's very little I can do but my love for makeup pushes me to learn and try more. I've learned a lot in a year but am still nowhere near done. I colour correct, do what I can, apply a radiant/luminuous concealer, and try to control the amount of dark shadows I put on my eyes. Cool taupey and greige shades are my absolute favourites and I won't give them up until I master them to fit my misshapen face!! 😂
LaSa (1 year ago)
Anebarone Art hey, same but instead of having dark skin I am really light skinned and freckled and my dark eye circles looked like the skin of an African but I finally found out why. Sun damage. Now I smear a generous amount of sun cream 50+ onto my eyes and after 4 weeks it got better. I hope that it will get even more better. Now I can see my freckles which were covered by my ridiculously dark eye circles! 😄 Still resting bitch face tho
Heather Rogan (1 year ago)
Mimicakes (1 year ago)
Anebarone Draws Things! Same here, except I'm almost 40. Thank goodness for glasses. They cover all the imperfections.
Leanna Leanna (2 years ago)
I love using Hourglass lightning powder (in Ambient) to create diffused natural light. I use it as cheek highlighter as well as browbone highlight and eyeshadow. amazing product
Lydia Russouw (2 years ago)
you are hilarious im crying from laughter, great tips though. caked up look hahahahaha
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Lydia Russouw Hiiiiii!!! Welcome to the club!!! :*
flower love (2 years ago)
You're the only one doing a good deep set yet video! Very good.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+pat winn Woooohhhhoooo!!! :)
Zeynep erdoğan (2 years ago)
i have deep set eyes and i used to hate it because i always thought it's too hard to apply make up right and there were really no proper videos about it until i saw yours you are really the best i appreciate you...
Erin Ashley (1 year ago)
I feel the same way!! I literally thought I had hooded eyes & just realized I have deep set hooded eyes! I've been doing my makeup for years & have never been satisfied with my looks! I can't wait to try these new tips!
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Zeynep erdoğan Yaaaayyyy!!! A new subscriber! :) Check this out, it might help... https://www.advisemystyle.com
Yuliyah Mills (2 years ago)
best makeup tutorial.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Yuliyah Mills Hello! :) Welcome to AdviseMyStyle. :)
FunnyyLucyy (2 years ago)
Is this the Shaytards mom?
Awsomness16 (2 years ago)
This is so beautiful. I can't get my eyes to look like this.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Awsomness16 Then maybe this technique is not the best for you. :(
Awsomness16 (2 years ago)
I definitely do. I have very, very deep set eyes. I can open and close my eyelid with my finger on my browbone.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Awsomness16 Maybe you don't have deep set eyes?
Christy A. (2 years ago)
please do more deepset eyes makeup looks!! thanks! love your channel!!
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Christy A. There are far more coming! ;)
First name Greatest (2 years ago)
How doesn't she have dark circles due to her deep set eyes?
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Well...Seep set eyes don't have much to do with dark circles...
Yosra Ryan (2 years ago)
love youuuu
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Love is in the aaaaiiiirrrrr!!! :*
Verra (2 years ago)
very good technique but I think the eyebrows are too dark and harsh a little bit.. I love your videos! :)
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+S. Leeloo We say in Slovenia: "Every painter has his own eyes." :) Lovely to see fans expressing their taste. :)
Clara Cristofalo (2 years ago)
You're brilliant!
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
You too! :*
Free mind (2 years ago)
this man deserves much more subscribers...hes brilliant
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Free mind Aaaawwww!!! That's nice! :) Welcome to my channel. :)
Катя Ятак (2 years ago)
This is just an observation. Guys apply makeup to women like they're painting on a canvas.
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
+Katya Lastovkina Is that good or bad?
TheTrutherSceptic (2 years ago)
Incredibly informative tutorial, for the oft neglected deep-set eyes (my own eye type). You're hilarious & talented; I subscribed. I love how you keep it simple, get results & don't chatter non-stop like most female YT bloggers. They're not half as good as you. You should have a larger audience. Try using simpler titles with more common search words & maybe hashtags. Great job
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Hey, hey! Thank you for the advice! I think I figured this game out and will start with my new concept this week. :)
Tay Lette (2 years ago)
She's soooo beautiful!! Her features balence out perfectly! I have a similar face shape, but with a smaller, less defined chin, and much smaller features. I feel like I have more empty space on my face than actual facial features! Yet my face is also very small, and if I do too much work with makeup it looks "busy". :(
Tay Lette (1 year ago)
Okenti The only thing that I’ve found that works for me is to go very light with makeup!
Bsquaredmakeup (1 year ago)
I think mine is similar to yours too, I always think it looks weird when I try contour/blush on myself even though I work as a makeup artist and can do it on literally everyone else 😂😅
Okenti (2 years ago)
Taylor M. Collette Same girl!! Do you have some advice?
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Ciao Taylor! Welcome to AdviseMyStyle! :)
The Illusion (2 years ago)
She looks so amazingly different.
The Illusion (2 years ago)
Its was nice to see a tutorial where some not all the brands are super expensive!
JayBay (2 years ago)
Love your channel! I've been watching your videos almost every day and almost have watched them all already! This look is so pretty! Love your approach to makeup, it's such a nice change from the heavy-handed contour/highlight and over the top looks that have taken over YouTube. :)
Helga 7055 (2 years ago)
Looks like Lan Del Ray
Rahima Malik (2 years ago)
I am so glad I found this channel, your videos have helped me tremendously.THANK YOU, you're Amazing!!!!!!!! <3
Artdelair (2 years ago)
I love how you explain everything really well. I usually don't wear make up but i learned a lot from your videos. 😊
Wiame Injar (2 years ago)
amazing !
Vladimir Vasily (2 years ago)
can yoo do eyeliner for deep set eyes plz
Vladimir Vasily (2 years ago)
best video ever ❤❤❤
Vladimir Vasily (2 years ago)
can yoo do eyeliner for deep set eyes plz
R M (2 years ago)
Shes so pretty
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Hey, hey! Welcome to my channel. :*
Gretchen H (2 years ago)
You sound so happy in your work. Plus you answers make so much sense; yet it is so ironic that you can't afford drugstore makeup! What a hoot! Thanks for answering me - most would"'t. I enjoy your videos, and hope you keep doing; you are the best I've seen. Good luck to. You !
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Well...Not that I can't afford it, I have other preferences. But I will soon start buying it, because I went out of retail which means no more free makeup. So I will be buying only drugstore from now on. :)
Gretchen H (3 years ago)
beautiful...but I can't afford any of the makeup except the NYX lip product! Sure wish I could!
AdviseMyStyle (2 years ago)
Heeeeeyyyy!!! I am aware of this issue and am working on it. It is not so easy, because I have only high end makeup at home. The reson being is because I can't freelance with drugstore therefore it is a waste of money every time I buy it. But if this channel gets big so that I'll be able to afford drugstore makeup, then I promise I will do each second video with drugstore products. :)
Regina G (3 years ago)
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Thaaannnkk you Regiiinnnaaa!!! :)
Sirius Alien (3 years ago)
So straight forward ! Thank you
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Yeeeeessss!!! I am trying to be as short and straight to the point as possible. It is actually really hard, because I could talk and talk. :)
CutLoose Cara (3 years ago)
She kind of looks like Julia Roberts. Beautiful makeup.
TheWyndiLady (2 months ago)
CutLoose Cara I think she looks like Evangeline Lilly
Rachel Rangel (4 months ago)
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Lol! She dooooeeesssss!!! :)
Sue Shaleh (3 years ago)
Looks very 90's. Love it!
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Indeed! I am a 90's child. :)
MakeUpDetective007 (3 years ago)
Bravo maestro, nice job!!!
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Wooohhhhoooo!!! I scored with the Makeup Detective!!! :)
Mariam Paredes (3 years ago)
Me encantan tus vídeos, todo luce tan bonito y suave.
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Woooohhhhoooo!!! A new Spanish teacher!!! :)
carla sitari (3 years ago)
You're so clear, you'd be a perfect teacher. Nice look, portable and classy. 😘
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Yeeeeeessss!!! I love teaching! :)
Hallie Horn (3 years ago)
Beautiful makeup :) I think it's great that you contour for face shape unlike so many videos that just show the exact same contour regardless. where is your accent from. it's lovely...could just listen to you talk for hours
Hallie Horn (3 years ago)
When I started wearing makeup, there was no internet telling me how, but there were trends that I think looked terrible now that I look back. I think a lot of girls are way better at applying makeup these days but these trends get started and you're so right when you say they all look alike anymore. I think makeup companies see trends and add to them with products they slap new names on...like many actual bronzers now say they are contour powders and people see that and use them as such despite them not maybe being a good match to their skin tone. Highlighters have been around forever but now say they are strobe powders. I think once a trend takes hold, younger girls especially jump on the bandwagon. Basically I do think many have talent that they are just using the way the cosmetics companies are pushing, but I think it's raw talent that they may have but not refined by going to makeup artistry school. That and everyone wants to have the particular look that is trending at the moment as has always been the case with younger girls. I do miss individuality though. Everyone has a cat eye, strong highlight and contour and big overdrawn lips. The lip thing may be the most ridiculous to me because not everyone has full lips but and that's fine. I don't have very full lips but don't feel the need to make them look huge. But I'm 46 so I don't have the same need to fit in as younger girls do. I think it's better to play up other features that I think are better features rather than draw attention to features I don't think are my best. As always, it is so nice to get a response from you. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me! When did you move from Slovenia?
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Aaaawwwww!!! Love to hear the good news. :) I am from Slovenia. :) Little girls on Youtube don't know much what they're doing anyway. As long as they're pretty, the're famous! :)
Nina Mess (3 years ago)
very simple and easy techniques and amazing results as always ! love your channellll !!!
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
And I love you! :*
juhi Balkhande (3 years ago)
i love to watch your videos!!!they are always systematically done and sooo informative.. you're definitely saving good amount of fees of those who want to learn pro makeup!! seriously.because you literally give detailed info.. god bless u!.😇😘😘
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Woooohhoooo!!! Love to read such feedback! Makes me look back how far I've come even though I don't have millions of followers. :)
germankiwigal (3 years ago)
What a lovely look, and I love how you explain what you do and why you do it! I have hooded eyes, so this is not the look for me, but it was so interesting to watch your application. :)
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Awesome feedback! Love it! :)
Jeeksie (3 years ago)
Deep set eyes makeup tutorials are so rare ! This was a really good one! Thank you .
spooky katt (1 month ago)
@AdviseMyStyle lol bs
Medha Karn (1 year ago)
And it was unfiltered! In the end result I could see the girl's open pores a bit. So natural and honest!!
Mahagnao Danao (1 year ago)
Jeeksie thats my problem..lol..got deep set eyes too
Bettina P (2 years ago)
Jeeksie agree, i have big but deep set eyes
Tanesha Franklin (2 years ago)
My problem is I have small deep set eyes that I don't have a lot of lid space when they are open. I agree with you that these type tutorials are rare. Especially the ones that actually explain what they are doing or how to adapt the technique for different eye shapes.
Noa Dela (3 years ago)
can you write the things you used in the description?
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
OMG!? You're the first one that asked me to do it after half a year. It takes soooo much time and time I don't have. :) I would be doing it if I were getting plenty of requests, but for now it looks like that women don't care. :)
Karen Presley (3 years ago)
She's beautiful. Love the way you did her eyes and her face. Looks so good on her. 🌹
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
It is all in the beautiful skin. The more hydrated it is and treated, the better the makeup will look. :)
aelpbva (3 years ago)
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Hahaha! Awesome to know that I am on the right track. :)
aelpbva (3 years ago)
+AdviseMyStyle yep and i love it!!!! Love the accent the info and chickabella
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Hey, hey! Thank you! :) Are you new to my channel? :)
Chokolat Disciple (3 years ago)
do you have a video that talks about the technique you use to apply foundation? A lot of girls buff the foundation into the skin, but I notice you seemingly paint it on. thanks again.
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Ciiiiaaaaaoooo!!! :) Thank you for the question. I very, very rarely buff it, because it cakes up the foundation. Wrote down your request and will make a video as soon as I find time. :)
Nancy Suarez (3 years ago)
I have deep set eyes and struggle with winged eyeliner :( next time, can you show how you applied it on deep set eyes? Thank you! I love your videos!
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Hey gorgeous! I recorded quite a couple of videos on how to apply an eyeliner already. :) Have a look at those, but I'll also start doing more technical videos for my new website. It doesn't matter if you have deep set eyes or not. The eyeliner application depends on how hooded they are. :)
Mindy Kay (3 years ago)
Well, I thought the last video you did with Pauley (? sp) was my favorite, but this one is right up there, too! I love the natural, non-made-up look and the lip pencil is on my list to purchase. I have high cheekbones, so the tip on contouring is one I am going to use :)
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Exactly! But we'll be caking it up for the night! :)
Mindy Kay (3 years ago)
The majority of them put on SO much makeup, it looks as if you need a putty knife to scrape if all off!  I love when someone says "You have beautiful skin!"  I believe that less is more when it comes to makeup, whether you're 22 or 72  :)
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Chicabeeeelllaaaa!!! :) I find it so interesting how you girls say that this look is not caked up. What the hell are the beauty gurus on Youtube doing then!? :) Lol! I never watch Youtube videos, because they piss me off. :) Hahaha I decided to do one daily look and one night out, but it will be a drastic difference between the two, so that you girls will understand the different techniques used. :) I'll nail this game! :)
Marion Brandsen (3 years ago)
Wow, those eyes!!
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Chicabeeeelllaaaaa!!! I just came up with a new concept. :) I think it would be awesome if I host a mother and a daughter and I put them in the same video and do the same look on them. :)
Gulab Jamman (3 years ago)
Foundation looked good (and totally not cakey) even in the closeup! Wowowow! How how how? Is it because of the mixing with the silicone primer? Do you think I could get a similar effect by mixing with vegetable glycerin?
Gulab Jamman (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for the reply, Sir ^_^
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Heeeeyyy....Well to be honest, the most important is your skin. If it is well treated, which means hydrated and evened out, the makeup will look brilliant! No primer will work as a substitute for good skin. I never tried vegetable glycerin, but I guess it is drying on the long run. :)
Bonnie Ramirez (3 years ago)
Having deep set eyes..I copied yesterday's makeup on Holly. I have people actually tell me that my eyes looked so pretty ! How do you like that ! 😍
AdviseMyStyle (3 years ago)
Chicabeeeeellllaaaaa!!! That's brilliant feedback! I love it! Thanks! :*

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