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Color theory: the basics

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We've mentioned this before, and we'll do it again: color theory is important when doing makeup. We present a number of tips on how to make use of the principles of color theory 🌈 More information: https://advisemystyle.com/blog/2018/04/08/color-theory-the-basics Other articles and content: https://advisemystyle.com
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Shnouli Mukherjee (2 months ago)
But I have black eyes, what color should I use then? 🤔
Inferno Rose (8 months ago)
I had no idea you could mix the "temperature" (warm/cool tones) of your makeup (cool eyeliner, warm lips). Thanks! I'm going to be pretty!
Inferno Rose (8 months ago)
@AdviseMyStyle thanks for everything you do on this chanel!
AdviseMyStyle (8 months ago)
Yeeeessss!!! That's how you get complimentary combinations which means the colors pop.
noirettebeauty (1 year ago)
For truly truly olive/green-tinged skin, would it be too clashing/counterproductive to use a red color corrector (I'm never letting to of red color corrector for my shallow, dark brown orbitals--that's been my game changer!!) beneath a slightly lighter-than-skintone concealer (yellow-tinged?) shade and then used a red-based "peach" blush? I don't fully understand the rationale for why I've gone to prefer doing this, other than when I do other combinations, it just looks "off." When I was a teen, my favorite weekend eye look was NYX rust with black eyeliner on my near-black irises, and my favorite school eye look was any red-tinged eggplant eyeliner I could find. If red was the complement for green, I must have atleast had some idea back then, right? I know you're the best person to ask because you truly, fully, made sure you understood every part of color, especially the colors I'm struggling to understand (per the Makeup Color Theory: Brown Eyes tutorial)! The biggest things I've been finding consistently is that pinks such as NARS orgasm turn gray on me regardless of if I go with or without foundation (yellowy, green-ish, made no difference) or not, and that the foundations known as "warm" are just straight-up orange on me. Neither of these look nice against my (cool-colored? green-tinged?) light brown neck:(
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Hey gorgeous! I struggle to understand the first part of your question. On your profile you look like having light brown skin. Hope it's o.k. if I ask if you're Indian? Such skin tends to turn ashy with rosey or yellowish foundations, therefore you need to use orange. YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation in BD60 or 70 might be a good choice for you. Foundations also tend to look ashy - grey if they are too dry and light brown skin is lots of times dehydrated so you need to use something moisturizing. Using red under the eyes is o.k. but you might be better of with YSL's Touche Eclat no. 5. Hopefully that's not too dark for you. Still if the circles are very dark, that highlighter won't offer you enough coverage.
tubaforeva (1 year ago)
I am an asian with fair skin but really dark, sunken in under eye circles. This is a genetic thing and they tend to be red/brown coloured but get a blue/purple tint when they're at their worst. Please help me on how to conceal them! I've started using orange concealer but i still get a blue line that shows through at the bottom of my under eye circles where the sunken in skin meets the chubby skin of the face (I hope I'm making sense) please help me as this is something that has always bugged me and I still haven't found a solution after 24 years of my life. :)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Hey, hey... I am sorry to tell you that there is not much you can do, because it is a genetic thing. I would suggest you to stop worrying, because things you can't change, you can't change. Or get a good concealer like Urban Decay. ;)
Bettina Puskás (1 year ago)
Cool, im happy that i found your channel! Now i know my own style. And i realised that my random way i did my eyeliner sometimes is really used by makeup artists. Thx Jure! ❤
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Told you you are a natural. ;)
Thank you so much for the explanation, looking forward to seeing more
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Yes, yes... More color explanatory videos coming soon. :)
Chicabella is killing it
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Yvonne Mariane Videos (1 year ago)
Wowee, you vary the tones on the eyebrows ! I have "dark blonde" eyebrows and most looks too yellowish (warm) on me, what do you recommend that looks more "cool" on my eyebrows?
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
I adore Shu Uemura's eyebrow products, they have just the right amount of grey in them. :)
Funny Girl (1 year ago)
I don't like peach that much, but with that blue it looks very sophisticated
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Peeeeeeaaaaccccchhhh!!! No? Peaches are juicy! :)

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