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Insane Blind Guy Leaf Blower Prank ♦ Girls Top Blows Off

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Text Comments (76)
James Estrada (3 years ago)
Jimmy Russen (3 years ago)
You all came here for 2:05
Ibraheem Pv (3 years ago)
Fera Hendri (3 years ago)
Pidio bokep
smiles miller (3 years ago)
Noah S (3 years ago)
Jack no (3 years ago)
Sorry guys confused a little why does everyone hate him now?
NoysE (3 years ago)
Josiah Duff (3 years ago)
Where did the old burnsy go?
Fox McCloud (3 years ago)
Anthony Gumns (3 years ago)
What the hell happened to the old Minnesota Burns channel? What is this shit?
Malcolm Purple (3 years ago)
Oh shit her weave blew off. Lmao
TheOctapad (3 years ago)
Where did burns go
Swifty Productions (3 years ago)
Burnsy what happened we need you back!
Ho Chi Mints (3 years ago)
2:08 you're welcome
Viralized (3 years ago)
Hey guys. Thanks for the post. Hope you enjoy. Sorry I'm not a gamer. Just a up and coming prankster!
DuragFanatic (3 years ago)
Honest to God.............this isnt funny. It is in fact a waste of 3 minutes
TheMoo GoesCow (3 years ago)
+AsvpCrimz You just read this, another 5 seconds of your time...
JTGJAKE18 (3 years ago)
Yeah I dident laugh I thought that was the point of these vids I'm just going to unsub
DuragFanatic (3 years ago)
+Cailey S well you think this video is a "prank" but he is just a douchebag
nayomi fe (3 years ago)
so was making that unnecessary comment :)
Pikachu (3 years ago)
He's very close to getting under 2 million subs. Keep unsubscribing guys!
deprived tv (3 years ago)
Ah thanks
1supermariofan1 (3 years ago)
+Tom frost idk I think it was like 2.5 million
deprived tv (3 years ago)
I know that... His sub number befor he made a "community channel"
MrBrowes da best (3 years ago)
Cod trolling vid
deprived tv (3 years ago)
What did he used to have?
CaptainLee44 (3 years ago)
channel sucks now, sorry bro
Cuddly Rock (3 years ago)
Last month he had 2,200,000 Holy shit
Bigtymeplayer X (3 years ago)
+Keegan ___ zsxjdn en dididjdj dejangffgggggvgggcxixsoodododdoddododddjxjxfisseec edssjsddjejddseejejejej÷jeejejjejj3jrjdjrjrrjjdfdiaoeiiizosososodkddkkdkdkrnrnrrnejrnkenenennrkrnrmrm fmrmrnrmfrnrntntmfnfnfnfm cf c.nv b. Kaem I'm a #&-& I 5
MrBrowes da best (3 years ago)
Keegan ___ (3 years ago)
Nah that was a few months ago but he is dying fast
Mari Ferreiro (3 years ago)
fucking piece of shit
BenoitRAGE (3 years ago)
remember when this channel didn't suck?
Jay Kacin (3 years ago)
Yes, *sighs* Those were the days.
Tindus123 (3 years ago)
i remember the first time i pressed the subscribe button, this channel was great and I actually liked the content. But now... there is only BULLSHIT. with clickbait thumbnails on every video. sucks..
Candalf the Waxy (3 years ago)
Nice click bate title.
Waffleology (7 months ago)
Candalf the Waxy hilarious either way
R M (3 years ago)
Only here to dislike for no reason
Otaku Tester (3 years ago)
Jaden Wakefield (3 years ago)
This channel is going down hill very quickly.
g_rim (3 years ago)
Funny as hell, Subscribing
Keegan ___ (3 years ago)
Worst mistake
PresidentTroll (3 years ago)
Actually it is not against the law what's so ever to publicly film people, there is "NO" written law saying any such thing. In other words, yes it is the professional thing too do.
CHANGE (3 years ago)
when are they going to realize we are hating on this content and nobody wants to watch this stupid Community Channel videos
siva manne (3 years ago)
Fox McCloud (3 years ago)
Don't watch it then.
ItsGroovyBaby (3 years ago)
Ikr I use to love his vids but now instead of a gaming channel its growing into something highly inappropriate
Bugger (3 years ago)
For real I'm not even subbed to burns and this shit is here
SkyDemon (3 years ago)
1:42 is that a topless little girl? or a boy with long hair and a spedo lol my pedo sence was tingling
westonman211 (3 years ago)
I think it's a girl with a light orange swimsuit top
PresidentTroll (3 years ago)
+SkyDemon haha! Good question !
jordan kelly (3 years ago)
Burns is #DONE
TomToffy (3 years ago)
This is just fucked up, unsubbing
AwSoMe (3 years ago)
Unsubscribe bitch
Ttmtrader101 (3 years ago)
Clicked to dislike
Vic (3 years ago)
Getting real tired of this ''let's post this two times''-shit
Tyler // Lightning-san (3 years ago)
Thought i was the only one
CoolGamiing (3 years ago)
Posting other people's videos and making money...
CoolGamiing (3 years ago)
+Christopher Ferriello how fuckboi?
Watermelon Man (3 years ago)
Dude doesn't even know how to use the walking stick
gnomed xd (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Stubblefield Lol I was thinking the same thing
Tristyn Nichols (3 years ago)
You guys are dicks. That's too much
Noah P (3 years ago)
No I don't think he's made, I think he just made a statement.
Tristyn Nichols (3 years ago)
+Tor Thuresson yes I'm trembling with anger
Tor Thuresson (3 years ago)
+tristyn nichols Are you mad ? :-)
Manamune anada (3 years ago)
You can't film people without there permission. LOL If only that was true
Anthony Langford (2 months ago)
I dont care about her permission - I care about her tits. They speak for themselves.
TheGoddlyGamers (3 years ago)
They were on a public beach. Freedom of Media allows you to be filmed in public areas.
Jack no (3 years ago)
+Manamune anada It is true but the likeliness of someone complaining is slim since most don't even know that they're filmed
Alex Hancock (3 years ago)
+CracklePuff z well you are
CracklePuff z (3 years ago)
+OblivionGaming Incredible... I didn't know someone could be so fucking stupid...

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