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Contouring an angled jawline

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Angled jawlines typically come in a package deal with rounder cheeks or simply more prominent cheekbones. Different face features require different makeup approaches, and the way you contour a face with an angled jawline definitely isn't the same as with other jawline shapes. If you’ve never contoured before, feel the position of your cheekbones with your fingers first, so that you learn about your facial structure. Next, watch this video and let us know in the comment how you like it! 😘 More information: https://advisemystyle.com/blog/2018/10/11/contouring-an-angled-jawline Other articles and content: https://advisemystyle.com
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Cynth225 Love and Roses (7 months ago)
Thank youuu!! I also have this face shape and I could never get it right , thanks for not only teaching diff face shapes but keeping it so elegenat and classy
AdviseMyStyle (7 months ago)
Wooohhhooo!!! Love to read such comments! Weeellccooomme! 🤗
000 5 (8 months ago)
Hey, I hope you are having a good day! I have a question about blush. My cheeks are a bit hollow when it is compared with my coevals. When I apply blush on my cheeks, my cheekbone looks more prominent and my cheeks looks more hollow, which makes me look older :( Would you help me with that? :)
AdviseMyStyle (8 months ago)
Then try to apply the blush under your cheek bone, in the hollows. And try to make the application rounder. Other than that, stay tuned, because we’ll soon launch a video makeup tutorial recommender system.
alice on the internet (8 months ago)
I think your videos are amazing. you use actual techniques crushed into short videos which is something no one does. you could start running online courses and people would watch
Fatin Ahmad (8 months ago)
Short and packed with information! I love it. Hopefully more to come :D
Fatin Ahmad (8 months ago)
AdviseMyStyle can’t wait ❤️
AdviseMyStyle (8 months ago)
Yeeeessss!!! Just givr me a bit of time. I have awesome video concepts I will be pushing this year. 😉
plonis almony (9 months ago)
Does this contour method work as well for the sagging jawline? Would you please show us how to contour a sagging jawline?
Karla de Oliveira (9 months ago)
Love your videos, but if i may say i fell that you need a consistent visual identity in the thumbnails. I often ignor your videos for days until i realise that its yours, and than i quiqly watch and really enjoy them. Greatings from Brazil.
alice on the internet (8 months ago)
Yes and use your name instead of AdviseMyStyle because it's more personal!! youtube is supposed to be quite a personal platform compared to others
Margaux Carizo (9 months ago)
elsa perkowska (9 months ago)
dobra rada i piękna modelka 💋
hm ou (9 months ago)
Какой же он смешной, не могу)
Angel Dively (9 months ago)
Good advice! 😘
makotokino27 (9 months ago)
Hello! Im a new subscriber and Im so happy to stumble across your channel im learning a lot :) would want to learn about hiding puffy under eye bags with make up. Thank you!
Sue_MS Warrior (9 months ago)
BOOM!! lol
Hannah Kathleen (9 months ago)
I have a small face like this. And contour looks ridiculous on me because right under my cheekbones is my jaw line lol. I have never been able to do this!
Amo Reik (9 months ago)
Did you actually read my comment in the previous video? 😂😂

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