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Eyeliner technique for every eye shape

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An eyeliner can either make or break your look, and usually the simplest approach really is the best approach. These tips can be used on any eye shape, and they really are simple, easy even 👌🏼 More information: https://advisemystyle.com/blog/2017/12/17/eyeliner-technique-for-every-eye-shape Other articles and content: https://advisemystyle.com Music from Jukedeck - create your own at http://jukedeck.com
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Text Comments (49)
Anna Belle (1 month ago)
So beautiful
AdviseMyStyle (1 month ago)
Yaaaaayyyy!!! :)
Shnouli Mukherjee (2 months ago)
Wow, it's awesome... The whole channel is awesome.
Ash 1749 (2 months ago)
Looking so grunge I love it! Reminds me of the craft.
pay1370 (4 months ago)
You are honestly my fave beauty youtuber! Everytime i watch your videos i learn something new!
Yvonne Mariane Videos (5 months ago)
Ural Uralie (8 months ago)
It’s much better to use a soft pencil instead gel or pomade liner it just blends much better. Nice technique though 😉😘💕😘 Otherwise you are right if we have down turned eyes we don’t have systematicly have to turn them upward 😜😉💁‍♀️
Agus R. (8 months ago)
You're the best! 💜
AdviseMyStyle (8 months ago)
Wooohhhoooo! Great to see happy Chicabellas. 🤗
Robert Rijkers (1 year ago)
@wayngoss i think u 2 are on 1 line 😅
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
Aaaawwwww!!! Now that I love to hear. 😊 Thank you!
Bridget F (1 year ago)
You make it all look so easy (you’re very experienced, I get it). I just wish I had the same eye for what works and what doesn’t.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Bridget F It actually becomes like a game when you know enough. You'll see... I'll help you figure out your eye shape and makeup techniques that suit you best. 😉
Kelz Belz (1 year ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had pretty much given up on wings or even cats eyes of any kind, but I'm so gonna try this! 😗
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Kelz Belz Woohhhooo! So glad to see new fans finding helpful tutorials on our channel. Would love to see your photo in the comments section on our website. 😘
bluem00n010 (1 year ago)
any tips on how to put eyeliner on others? I find it difficult to apply perfect eyeliner on others.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+bluem00n010 You need to understand their eye shape. Not all people can wear an eyeliner. And now that I discovered a round pointed brush, applying eyeliner on others got way easier. I'll tell you why in a video I just recorded.
Emily Mullins (1 year ago)
So glad I found your channel!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Emily Mullins Me toooo!!! Welcome! 😙
Tânia Sofia Cruz (1 year ago)
Never got why the butterfly stuff didnt work on me... till u told me my eyes are protuding! I owe u for life! lol
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Tânia Sofia Cruz Woooohhhoooo!!! I am set for the future! 😍
Beautyshades (1 year ago)
Gorgeous 👍
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Beautyshades 😙
mintsaturn (1 year ago)
Another incredibly helpful video for girls with eyes like mine!! Doing this for Christmas
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+mintsaturn Phhhoootttoooo!!! 😄 It would be so cool if you girls go on the blog and post them in the comments because there you can do it. 😊
mintsaturn (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle I'm going to wash my brushes right now!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+mintsaturn So many of you doing this for the festives. Would love to see your selfie. 😄
Applepip (1 year ago)
Yes! I will see them this over Christmas!!
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Applepip Phoootttooosssss!!! 🤗
Karen Kimberley (1 year ago)
Gonna try this look Thankyou so much 😊
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Karen Kimberley You tooooo!!!??? 😍 So cool! Looks like we need to invite Lana in the studio once again. 😇
Lupus in Fabula (1 year ago)
Ponovno odličan i poučan video!👌😊😊😘
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Coraline LTB 😘
Hope2NoU95 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what palette that was? OK went to site.In case your curious like I was Misslyn Eye Believe in Fairytales Make a Wish eyeshadow palette.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Hope2NoU95 You seeeeeee!!! Products on the blooooogggg. 😉
Dora (1 year ago)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Dora T. 😇
Asmita Adh (1 year ago)
Can you do a makeup tutorial for someone whose eyes are hooded in the inner corner not the outer corner. I haven't seen any videos for this eye type and the struggle is real.
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Asmita Adh Hm...I don't think I know what you mean. Send me your photo on IG AdviseMyStyle and I'll see what I can do. ;)
Funny Girl (1 year ago)
:-) I would loveto see those longer videos still! but the concept of dividing tips and tricks in individual small videos makes it easier to look them up. still, more narrative and longer videos, where we can see you too, would be nice
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Funny Girl I totally know what you mean and I will definitely do a couple of longer videos. 😉
Funny Girl (1 year ago)
yes, but sometimes I think it is more the attention time. but too much too short in everything is bad for attention anyway. it stresses people. so they should change their habits from time to time :-). I know - I've been there. you know, in winter time I like having it cosy and then I like it when I can watch others sharing things and talking about what they do and why.... so that is nice too. so I havn't seen such videos from you for long. but I do understand you. I don't always feel like watching every video that is longer. but sometimes I am looking for those
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Funny Girl Heeeyyy!!! Missed your comment. The thing is that people have less and less time therefore the watch time of the videos is dropping drastically. I noticed there are a few of you who like them longer, so I'll try to do one in details. 😇
Elif Y. (1 year ago)
thank you!!! <3
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Elif Y. 😇
SpiritFingers186 (1 year ago)
I just love you and that you are always encouraging women to embrace the features they have. :) What I would give for you to do my makeup for my wedding! :)
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+SpiritFingers186 Oh, missed your comment. I get so nervous when doing makeup for the wedding! Lol! But I always do a good job. Almost... 🤔
Xhovana Verri (1 year ago)
I love u
AdviseMyStyle (1 year ago)
+Xhovana Verri I love you toooooo!!! 😍😍😍 OMG!? We need to marry and have three girls! ❤

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