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How to Pick Up Older Women | 7 Easy Steps to Attract Her

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Learn how to pick up older women. These 7 steps will help you attract MILFs, cougars, and pick up older girls. ▼ see below for links & more ▼ ➜ Free Flirting Course: http://postgradcasanova.com/free-video-course/ ➜Get My Best-Selling Books: http://postgradcasanova.com/books MY SOCIAL MEDIA: ➜ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dave.perrotta/ ➜ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/postgradcasanova ➜ Website: http://www.postgradcasanova.com NEW HERE? My name is Dave Perrotta. I'm an entrepreneur & bestselling author based in Berlin. I upload new videos every Tuesday & Friday.
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Mando (24 days ago)
im 15 and i go to nightclub pools and i have 0 experiance talking to girls rather older strippers that are like in there 27s can u guys give me tips i dont even wanna bang atleast a lapdance
D P (1 month ago)
Stupid idiot
FontuneTheTeller (1 month ago)
I get a haircut every month and each time this big titty blonde milf gives my haircut. I know she probably does it for tips but she sometimes caresses my hair, rests her bust on my shoulder, and cold me handsome 10 times the whole time. Is she just just doing it for tips or is she also fishing for action?
J Crash (1 month ago)
I could never attract women my own age it was always older chicks. Now what this guy is saying on YouTube is 100% factual all of this is legit. But from *my experience* older women can be too damn clingy as hell and can be a little obsessed with you. So my strong advice is to be straight with them and be honest with them... Also to those who claims that *older women do not play games* are lying. They definitely play games as well. Just because you hear this BS on the internet forums that doesn't make it true. They are just like your ordinary girl who will try and play games.
Apana Liberty (1 month ago)
hi bro a woman come to my shop each and every day but I think I like her and I don't know what to do
47visual (2 months ago)
You got me with the FBI comment you a beast
Excite Rashi (2 months ago)
Excite Rashi (2 months ago)
yes cool men
Excite Rashi (2 months ago)
Excite Rashi (2 months ago)
Excite Rashi (2 months ago)
yeeeee cool bois in this club
Excite Rashi (2 months ago)
that American pie clip is pure gold rofl
fuck you (2 months ago)
Theres this girl im in deep love with shes 21 and im 14 and shes just everything to me idk how to talk her or even get her to like me ik it sounds weird but shes so beautiful and i just wanna be her soulmate
Proud Bulgarian (2 months ago)
2:41 wait sec so you train shoulders and legs in the same day???!!!! You can’t do that, the blood ain’t going anywhere!!!
Ethann Kyle (2 months ago)
im watching this as a 17 year old. not helpful
Johnathan shadowhunter (3 months ago)
The thing is I can't attract women my age I can only get older women
J Crash (1 month ago)
Ah! Same here lol. Only older women compliment me, check me out etc etc. Women my age never bothered. Maybe because I matured too soon.
TheSprinklerNinja (4 months ago)
I started hanging out at the drug store near the hearing aid batteries
Máté Ágoston (4 months ago)
Cool vid, I can completely agree with all of your points, except no 2. Well, maybe in the USA obesity is a lot bigger shame than here in Europe, but my experience is that outlook is not that important especially for older women. And yeah, what if I am not interested in gym workout at all, because my sport passion is cycling (also rock/mountain climbing) and I would like to be good at bicycle road racing where having extra muscles is a big disadvantage, especially on the climbs?
Doug Legnine (4 months ago)
good long sex is true, but some woman like it fast and deep,like a beast.⛽🏇💪🌋🏁😎👯
Ramon Tinoco (4 months ago)
I never seen this guy pick up on any women did you guys?
Dave Perrotta (4 months ago)
Ramon Tinoco then watch this https://youtu.be/pU8r-GDCw70 as well as any approach vid on how to beast’s channel; I’m basically in them all
Jonathan Walker (4 months ago)
I’m 26 and got my eyes on a 42 year old milf
Facu roldan (1 month ago)
How did it go man?
Liquify Khurzy (4 months ago)
Will this still work on a 23 year old baby mama who looks like she’s 16 when I’m only 17? Lmaooooo
Cosmo John (5 months ago)
Women want to be banged , hard. But they are wired to be reactive and not proactive. In short , their clitoris need to have blood flow going before their sexual drive is in motion
ThatGuyCalled ART (5 months ago)
What’s that film at 1:02
Clowny Leo (3 months ago)
Corey Wright (6 months ago)
drac464 (6 months ago)
I’m a 40 year old women and this is an accurate video.. also for younger men.. don’t be freaked out by a freaky women aka more experienced and also if you use condoms.. have your own and don’t make it an uncomfortable situation where things get heated up and then you don’t have a condom or a condom that works for you (aka the man who has a magnum in his wallet but only is packing 6 inches or under). Also don’t be scared to talk about things before sex like std prevention, pregnancy, or what the expectations are between the two of you if it should happen to come up. Basically be sexually open to everything and anything. Most older women who date younger men are probably not looking for longevity but anything is possible
FallenTitan Gaming (6 months ago)
I'm 18 and have been smashed my best friends mom. Might've been luck but have any tips for younger men like me
Miguel Lucas (7 months ago)
What are the signs though??
J Crash (1 month ago)
@drac464, I can confirm this and it's true... But from my experience older women can be clingy as fuck and want too much commitment which I wish to this day they would slow down... But everyone is different.
drac464 (6 months ago)
Miguel Lucas the same signs will be present when anyone likes someone. They will make long eye contact, smile more, try to keep a conversation going, linger around a little longer, find excuses to be around you, ask personal questions (do you have a girlfriend, what do you do for fun, where do you live, how big is your cock.. you know.. the normal stuff), they will try to touch you in some way, shape, or form.
90ASB (7 months ago)
I’m 17 and she’s 19 is there a chance?
90ASB (7 months ago)
Dave Perrotta thanks man I really do hope it works out
Dave Perrotta (7 months ago)
Supercooldude lol of course man
Cashyear 21 (7 months ago)
Love it
Luis Dominguez (7 months ago)
Says he's going to a great sandwich place, that everyone is talking about............goes to subway -_- hahahha
Dave Perrotta (7 months ago)
Luis Dominguez gotta keep people on their toes
Duane Kent (8 months ago)
But I just want a bj
HatOfTricks (3 months ago)
Use a vacuum cleaner
Duane Kent (8 months ago)
Just have money and more money
Wendy's (8 months ago)
Used this on my ap after I graduated lets just say my college tuition is little to nun
*sips snapple* (9 months ago)
fuck this shit just go to japan
Bryan Navarrete (9 months ago)
Bro I'm not trying to get a milf I'm junior trying to get at a senior
Ahmed Mohamed (9 months ago)
I have an prb with women that I am pushy that why many women run away from me. Although I am nice and gentle. Can you help me what to do. I am Egyptian by the way, but I live in San Diego California. It is too hard to meet an beautiful older woman here. Women are really nice and attractive here, but they are all the time rejecting me. What I need to do ? I can flirt and talk and say good words, but it does not work with women or girls. Maybe, because I am non American and not blond like you. How to solve this prb with girls?
Ahmed Mohamed (6 months ago)
thx you for your response. You are right, the chemistry with a woman is the most important thing, but I did not meet the right one yet. I will try to focus to find the right one
drac464 (6 months ago)
Ahmed Mohamed A men’s biggest problem is exactly what you just said. You are looking to meet a beautiful older woman. How about look for someone who you are comfortable with and compatible with and then everything will fall into place. Even if you two don’t hook up then maybe she has a friend. The woman for you might be a younger women who is not beautiful but tons of fun and awesome to be with. Men always want to make women the problem when women don’t respond. You seem very focused on looks based on your comment. Do you really think not being blonde and American is your issue? Plain and simple.. look for chemistry .. not just a physical attribute.. because this is why most men fail with women
Luis Stop motion studios (8 months ago)
Ahmed Mohamed joke a little and get fuck outta there my man. Those “girls” bet you that they’re trans.
Eric Wilhelm (9 months ago)
With the getting around age objection by bringing it up before her. What if she's in her 40's or 50's? I feel like the advice you gave might not work when the age gap is that obvious. Thoughts?
A.J. Hart (6 months ago)
This advice isn't for mature women. It's for getting older women who still behave like they're in their 20s. Pretty much ANYthing works on them.
Dave Perrotta (9 months ago)
Eric Wilhelm yes it still works.
Kurt Cobain (10 months ago)
American pie and Superbad are two of my favourite movies haha
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Kurt Cobain Great video👌🏻nice name ha
Dana Woodard (10 months ago)
So Dave do you know how this apply's to online dating site's because I spoke to a woman who writes profiles if you want a profile written or a good headline or proof reading. She said it's not impossible but yet not likely do to young men target older women and do to online dating scams. I followed what you said but at the time the woman said Thank you for your kind messages...you seem to be a very fine man. I am afraid our age difference is greater than I may be comfortable with. There is a lucky woman here for you... best of luck ..truly. So at some point I said I know your trying to shoe away any unwanted solicitors if you know what I mean. Which seemed to do the trick and at some point I said you are way to old for me. This will never work. :-)" with a smiley face because I'm online and it's different then in person. So I wait for her to read it then the next day at some point I say What day's off/free nights do you have to hang out with sexy/dashing mean calie guys?" never really getting a response. Because women mostly view your photo. If they view it long enough there is a feature that comes up and says this person wants to chat with you. Which they never really do. so later I said Age is just a number, I'm sure you've figured that out by now. We're both mature adults here. As far as I'm concerned, you were the only woman worth talking to on the site, I was on. I thought you were sweet, gorgeous, and cool, and a divine, young woman. And I was looking forward to meeting with you: So yeah I think we'll have a great time, and I think you know that too, and it would be a shame to sacrifice it over something so trivial. So I've tried everything and she never gave me a response. So what is the best way to go about this online??? I'm 48. this woman is 63. She's absolutely stunning and a very high caliber, looking woman. She's the best woman on the site, they only have very average women. I got lucky coming acrossed her. You mostly have to filter the women and use what they call the carousel to find them but your hitting the X a lot because it's hard to find the attractive, women. Any idea what will work for online???
Dana Woodard (9 months ago)
"HI Glen thank you for your message. Can you send, be the link?" I can't seem to find it on your site. I look forward to your message.
Dana Woodard (9 months ago)
"HI there Glen. Thank you for your reply. I seem to have trouble getting it to come up. Can you send, me the link?" So Glen. It seems women get a much better purseption when your in person vs online. I met a woman yesterday where I sometimes need to go and she started the conversation asking me how my day was going and if I just got off work. I said NO right now I'm going over some material that I'm working on. I'm a Harmonica, player and I get together with some friends I connected with. The lead guitar player writes and plays his own music. I like where this is going so I thought we should start going out and playing these songs once we get them down how we like them. Telling her how we don't have a name of the band yet or what you would call the music, because it's different. So I got a conversation out of that. Then I was able to see her great energy she had. She knew my name from getting some information Then I said what's your name with a smile, saying it's so nice to meet you. I love, your great energy. You sound pretty awesome! You have a great day. I'll see you next time. It's good practice to talk to women like I did. So Glen where I live one of my friends is a bouncer and I asked him where a lounge is or where an upscale bar is. He told me where I live there are NO lounges near me but in Fountain Valley Ca. which is a bit faraway. I like the older women better but when it comes to online they most often won't meet with you. I'm not a young guy like most on here. I'm nearing my 50's. So I'd like to meet someone. I was told to go out in my town near me there is a collage. I can go but the women are a bit young. It maybe that I'LL have to start a conversation. This is hard to the stand point when ever I see a woman they are usually not alone. There is a place called the District lounge but its a place that serves food like Burgers and some other things and they have a bar. I'm guessing it's a start?" When you say upscale lounge. It did not look that upscale to me. But I won't know till I go there. I live in a part of town you don't see any quality women or any women for that matter. Unless you go to the collage. It's about 2 Miles away. what do you think. I look forward to your message.
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Dana Woodard I done a video on this topic man,in depth it is
Avery Willis (10 months ago)
aye bro, yall taking my game to new heights, subscribed!
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Great video👌🏻
Dave Perrotta (10 months ago)
Avery Willis thanks man!
Avril Kanki (10 months ago)
you are totally right!!! specially at the end!! hahahaha
MaNAME JEFF! (10 months ago)
That Jonah Hill part, hahaha
Zach Poteet (10 months ago)
I'm near 18! I'm so old...lol
Japalloo (10 months ago)
The one thing that I will remember about berlin, are those motherfckin bikes always wanting to run you over...
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Japalloo Great video👌🏻
Ksvsjs Jsjss (11 months ago)
How do you pick up girls that are 25 if you are 17????
A.J. Hart (6 months ago)
At your age, you need a conspicuous show of wealth.
Ksvsjs Jsjss (11 months ago)
Dave Perrotta ok bro but is it the same rules ?? Or what
Dave Perrotta (11 months ago)
Ksvsjs Jsjss lol probably should just wait till you’re 18. I’m pretty sure it’s literally illegal until then anyway
Al Abbasi (1 year ago)
Even Grannies? 😂 Keep it real, Dave 💯 No ass kissing here but you have made an impact on my life !!! 🏆 I'm more confident when it comes to women & I don't stutter or worry as much as I did when talking to them !!! 💯 Keep it real & stay blessed 🇺🇸🏆💯🥃 BOSTON IS IN MY HEART !!! US REVOLUTION !!! BUNKER HILL !!! CHRIS EVANS !!! MATT LE BLANC !!! NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS !!! 🇺🇸🏆💯♥️🥃
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Al Abbasi Great video👌🏻
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Al Abbasi thanks bro! Glad to help! And yeah Works on grannies too
Robert Cubedo (1 year ago)
Dude I went on a date w/ the hottest 30 year old yesterday. Im 24 and it seemed a little harder to escalate physically but verbally was easier. Can you relate. If so, any advice? Perfect timing btw. Been a fan of you since project go days. Thanks!
drac464 (6 months ago)
Robert Cubedo most older women need to be fucked mentally first. If the verbal is going good than make sexual innuendos but that are not creepy. Like say something like “you have amazing lips” or “ I really love your blouse” (while glancing at her breasts, then looking back up at her eyes ). Or you can just ask her “tell me, what do you want”. If she mentions something sexual.. tell her to show you what she wants
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Robert Cubedo Great video👌🏻
Joe Johnson (1 year ago)
"you know what? I could bang this guy..." lol
Maxwell Adzidogah (3 months ago)
Joe Johnson really
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Joe Johnson Great video👌🏻
Alshareef Ahmed (1 year ago)
Thank you very much bro I've been waiting for this video for ages because I am quite obssesed with old woman
A.J. Hart (6 months ago)
Did you find it to be particularly insightful when he pointed out that, if you want to find older women, you should go to places where older women hang out?
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Alshareef Ahmed Great video👌🏻
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Alshareef Ahmed glad to help Man!
Brother Nero (1 year ago)
Another day,another awesome video 😎
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Thanks bro!
Shu C. (1 year ago)
Awesome video, i believe stretching video to get 10min mark is ok when its done well, and you did a great job!
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Thanks! Yeah I try to keep the videos concise, but also entertaining and fun - so sometimes it has to go over that 10 min mark!
Leonardo (1 year ago)
1:08 Lmao what moviebis that?
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Leonardo thanks bro!
Leonardo (1 year ago)
Dave Perrotta thanks! I'd never seen it before! Great Content! 👊🏿
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Leonardo hahah you serious bro?! Superbad! One of most popular movies
OCSleazy (1 year ago)
All you need to know is be confident and pretend to be interesting. idc how ugly you are or how old.
OCSleazy (1 year ago)
dating in your 20s vs 30s. 30s, fk the chase. just fk
ClownLoachMaster (1 year ago)
Will these tips work if I’m in high school and I’m trying to get at these college chicks ?
A.J. Hart (6 months ago)
No. You're too young. In your case, you'll need to conspicuously have money, a nice car, and/or a pending sports scholarship.
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
ClownLoachMaster Great video👌🏻💪🏼💪🏼
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
ClownLoachMaster yeah man! Make sure to watch the other vids about how to talk to girls for that as wel
Fred Posimo (1 year ago)
Bro!! You make me laugh with each video, loving your content. Working on being in a position to travel the world when I want. Maybe one day we'll run into each other somewhere on this planet. Peace.
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Posimo Properties Great video👌🏻
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Thanks bro glad you like the vid, and good luck on your journey! And yeah maybe we will cross paths somewhere awesome in the world!
Joel Nenadovich (1 year ago)
Hahahahaha what a video 😍
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Joel Nenadovich thanks bro!
Gigatless (1 year ago)
AHAHAHAHAHA Are you a gerontophile?
Gigatless (1 year ago)
It's not about finding one, there are plenty (at least here in russia) it's about finding a good looking, single and mentally stable one who's up for fun. For me it's still easier with 20 year olds than 35 year olds.
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Gigatless my friends and I don’t seem to have any trouble at all finding them. Use tip number three and go to places where they are more likely to hang out. Trust me, there are lots of sexy older women out there all over the world
Gigatless (1 year ago)
The ones with husbands/children? Or the ones are so ugly they cannot have any of those? As much as I like milfs it's unreal to find a good one.
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Gigatless hahah I ain’t talking about elderly women 😂 talking about sexy women in their 30s +
Ivan Bagaric (1 year ago)
Can you make a video with tips for teens. Love your videos btw
Taco Bell (6 months ago)
Ivan Bagaric sad but helps me and you
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Ivan Bagaric thanks bro! I’ll add it to the list
Neil Willis (1 year ago)
If I am going to be using these tips to bring these milfs back to my place I need to revisit that bachelor pad video! Great video and thank you for covering this subject😎
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Neil Willis Great video👌🏻
Neil Willis (1 year ago)
Dave Perrotta Thank You. Glad to hear that and I will let you know if something comes to mind
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Neil Willis thanks bro yeah your comment On last vid inspired me to make this vid Next! Ha let me know if you have any other suggestions!
XxjaimeFS98xX (1 year ago)
Great video bro! Also, when are approach videos coming back? 😎
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Great video👌🏻
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
MrBlacKScorpzien you’ll see some soon!
Zach (1 year ago)
Dave coming in with that Heat 🔥
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
Zach Great video👌🏻
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Zach thanks bro!
nocere01 (1 year ago)
What movie is the clip from at 2:11?
nocere01 (1 year ago)
Thanks-- Highway (2002) and the chick is Kimberley Kates
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
nocere01 ha I’m not even sure to be honest. Something won’t Jared Leto
ismael perdomo (1 year ago)
Great video Dave, tips are helpful
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
ismael perdomo thanks bro
fakzytube 04 (1 year ago)
I'm new here
Coach Glen Byrne (9 months ago)
fakzytube 04 welcome man
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
Thanks bro!
fakzytube 04 (1 year ago)
Dave Perrotta nice stuffs 🙌🙌
Dave Perrotta (1 year ago)
fakzytube 04 haha welcome man!

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