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10 things girls like about boys (TURN ONS)

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Text Comments (6205)
Lokesh Shakya (1 day ago)
Xoxo Michi (1 day ago)
Smile .... also engaged in convo ... lead the way with out bittling a girl too show her the game uk
Kylie Shi (2 days ago)
"I don't know if there's an opposite to non-jealous" hang on a second...
Peachy Bangtan (2 days ago)
anyone else a girl here for no reason.?
John Fin (3 days ago)
12 year old boys scramble to take down notes
sophie m (4 days ago)
her standards,,,,, are way too high
Yaahboi52 (4 days ago)
The title should be "10 things Gabby thinks are attractive to her"
Yaahboi52 (4 days ago)
Shxt... When she talked about cleanliness and rooms she made it sound like us guys are the dirtiest scums lmao.. Girls are WORSE but are much more subtle about it than guys.
just a guy 200 (5 days ago)
Number three is not just you I'm a boy trying to learn nice things I can do for my girlfriend but she has told me how much he loves when I do that kind of stuff
hellfire films (5 days ago)
Ten things that turn on guys 10: girls should exist 9:
J Winkles (5 days ago)
When guys fall asleep and we play with their hair 🥵🥵🥵
Love this! Great stuff!!🙏🏾🌹🌹🌹 thanks for sharing
Katie Powell (6 days ago)
I love banter and cheeky smile and amazing eyes !
Browe Outdoors (6 days ago)
Crushin hard
ITSJO50 (6 days ago)
How can I be good at kissing when I have never kissed a girl I’m asking for a friend
Jeffu (10 days ago)
"be a good kisser" >Doesn't explain how to improve. Us virgin bois need more help than anyone else.
Jassie Batth (10 days ago)
I need a guy with a good ass colonge😍
Kean Awol (11 days ago)
Most of the viewers are boys 😂😂
OhShIt aRaT (12 days ago)
2:53 Bruh 😍
Sheebu 7G.kashmir (13 days ago)
Sheebu 7G.kashmir (13 days ago)
Lov it
Zeoz (14 days ago)
How old is this kid? The way you see through boys bullshit, boys can also see through yours. Number 1 should be $$$
nebulaCHRIS (14 days ago)
To all you second graders out there if you have a Charizard EX your fine.
Mike Hocksbig (16 days ago)
shes a 6/10
ThatUninterestingGuy (18 days ago)
You should not listen to other fish explaining to you how to catch fish. You listen to fishermen!
Walter White (6 days ago)
I was just thinking of that dude haha
Courtney Schofield (19 days ago)
#3 🙌🏻
Pug Guy (20 days ago)
Alex (23 days ago)
Why does my girlfriend like when I get jealous with my girlfriend yet she likes it?🤔🤔🤔
TonyBiH (23 days ago)
Let's say I agree and I can satisfy all 10 points. Then my choice would be someone else because I would be to perfect. Probably to much into myself. What about to mold your own man? Work on him and change him.
Lav Busarac (24 days ago)
You just ask too much
Joseph frg (26 days ago)
2:55 The amount of courage you need to do those kind of things like touching a girl is absurd to me Reddit gang where ya at?
James Martin (27 days ago)
That don't be cocky thing is absolute B.S. because I go to high school and the cocky dudes get every girl and it is very clear that they think they're the shit and they move from girl to girl and are ass holes
Glossyy Galaxiaas (28 days ago)
he have to give me 10000000000 eeevees on pixelmon and 1000 robux.
Prometheus (29 days ago)
Damn it's hard to be confident
Zzeu (29 days ago)
Mom asked me what am i watching *Its complicated*
Logan HovaH (29 days ago)
That tattoo on your forearm is a great way to attract men of a certain socio-economical variety...
Cupid (1 month ago)
Yeah I have zero motivation, I’m skinny fat but still. Also there’s this girl I like but I see no future with her.
Joshua Toms (1 month ago)
Well I have the being clean part down
Vinny Veducci (1 month ago)
Thank you I just felt worthless but now I feel unwanted and worthless.
Momo chan (1 month ago)
I really like when boys play video games like just look at them. They're so cute when they focus on the game. I could watch their face getting excited all day
Prussian Soldier (1 month ago)
So... I can keep spouting communist propaganda?
_Yousef Alahli fc_ (1 month ago)
Don’t u want a guy with a sense of humor ??
Allie Grace (1 month ago)
i just came here to see if this is accurate lol
phoebe t2012 (1 month ago)
As a girl watching this ... I am CRINGING ... this girl is thirsty af and she needs to ... not post it online???? Let me just go puke 🤢
The commentor (1 month ago)
You wanna know what girls call guys who are less than 6ft tall? Friends
ALI RAJAH MUHAMMAD (22 days ago)
I'm just 5 feet 6 inches is that bad?
mrgreen stealthrace (1 month ago)
I would say shorter than 5'10
Aaron Obenour (1 month ago)
Welll all I need is my 7 incher
Ben M (1 month ago)
Nice smiles are me. My teacher always compliments my smile
Christopher Ficklin (1 month ago)
The thumbnail tho
Sunkis Ramos (1 month ago)
2:40 it's not free you can pay me if you make this color blue ⬇
Paul Maigret (1 month ago)
Wow swearing canadians exist
hudscp (1 month ago)
Ok YouTube I’m watching it
Emilia Martinez (1 month ago)
Ear kisses and neck kisses
Grimlockke 22 (1 month ago)
I gotchu don't worry...
Magyver (1 month ago)
Shut up slag
FM_GameRaid_TR (1 month ago)
Your wrong best turn on is money
Kyle Robertson (1 month ago)
1: I hate myself 2: I can't cook but I can eat 3: I roast girls for breakfast 4: I almost left the video after nice eyes and nice smile because there is a reason I dont smile 5: I get jealous all the time especially if you have a girl I like then at that point I got murder on my mind 6: just like 3 I roast girls for breakfast and my friends would roast my girl and then I dont wanna fight anyone but other than that...I think I'm good
Justin Meeks (1 month ago)
Yowie wowie this is impossible I'll stay single
oussama dichirou (1 month ago)
With money u can do anything in this life
G u n s l i n g e r 1 (1 month ago)
Get some abs thats all mtfkrs you need to do if you want hot chicks lmao
Thao Hien (1 month ago)
u look like a virgin
Dont Trip (1 month ago)
Number 1: Lots and lots of money
Martini BTD (1 month ago)
Im an introvert, i hate cleaning, i smell like cigarettes, i can't cook anything but eggs, my sarcasm has ruined my friendships, my eyes are straight the color of shit, and i spend all my money on bikes. Im gonna single for the rest of my life mate
Dave Carlsruh (1 month ago)
These comments suck, this video was helpful!
Peter Martin (1 month ago)
0:46 Overly cocky isn't confidence. Men can see right through it too. Men measure each other's social standing by competence. The most competent man is also usually the most confident but not always.
Random Stuff (1 month ago)
Letarlly the most underrated comment section
That thumbnail looks like you are expecting c#m shoot,niceee...
deliciasdagaby (1 month ago)
You are so cute and beautiful. I am subscribe here. Hugs from Brazil
GimmeYourJuice (1 month ago)
I'm the "arrogant and cocky" guy she is talking about. Trust me, don't listen to her BS because even though girls say they don't want that they always flock to me. What can I say? 🤣😈
Nygel Tzib (1 month ago)
Everyone who is mad about this video, is probably a gamer lmao
Phantomdaze (26 days ago)
I don't really get how that is too relevant. There is a female match for every kind of person. You can be good looking and a gamer, in moderation of course.
Juan Escalante (1 month ago)
These are all very good ones
Carlos Becerra (1 month ago)
Who wanna ride me
boulder man (1 month ago)
Ur mum gay
Jimini Parking (1 month ago)
I like BTS more than girls..
Reflex Mudo (1 month ago)
I get jealous easily for a girl, love ain’t for me then 💔
lil lissa (1 month ago)
i understand like holding hands and caressing the girl’s hand with your thumb. my ex used to do that with me and it made me feel warm and protected and it was all i could ever think about.
Nam Kyung Mi (2 months ago)
Oh hi boys!
Uncomfortable Shirt (2 months ago)
Do you always look like you just smoked 2 grams of meth? Or did you just happen to smoke 2 grams of meth directly before this?
Icyy (2 months ago)
What girls want 1.money 2.money 3.money
SUPREMER REDEEMER (2 months ago)
She is so my type, but im an asian guy , so the odds are already against me hahah
gaming essan (2 months ago)
I just make my crush laugh and smile Cuz im too scared to do anything else
solo knight (1 month ago)
be more confident
Oscar Laker - King (2 months ago)
I love ur personality
MysteriosMations (2 months ago)
What if you gay I could give tips about what turns your crush on
Ridhwaan Ebrahim (2 months ago)
Goals without plans are just dreams
gigi salazar (2 months ago)
it’s sad reading the comments from boys who say that women only want money😔lemme just tell y’all that girls don’t expect to date a Dan Bilzerian lmao
Tigreal Estes (2 months ago)
Idgaf what turns you on I’m focused on me! If you like me you like me, all these pet peeves whatever... the guy will have all of these qualities if it’s him PERIOD some have a little more some have a little less oh well
bennny scwqqas (2 months ago)
Love your personalityy
bennny scwqqas (2 months ago)
Hahaah you’re so cutee
Nø Ğråmmäř (2 months ago)
Im gay so ill watch this for a girl.
Keeley Wade (2 months ago)
What I like most about boys... are the ones with those 90s hair cuts, Gucci bags and those type of baggy shirts..
BB- BRANZ (2 months ago)
this all goes both ways lolol
Bella Russo (2 months ago)
I rly don’t know what I want in a boy tbh
Boss Fighter (2 months ago)
She talks like Loren gray lmao😂
Pretcil (2 months ago)
Lol she looks pretty stuck up
skull elements (2 months ago)
on this episode of why is this in my recommended
Felisha (2 months ago)
How well a man treats children, the elderly and animals is a good sign.
Amir Lewis (2 months ago)
Amir Lewis (2 months ago)
Rovialdo Konda (2 months ago)
and why should someone not be jealous ? you seem and act as a pornstar
Rovialdo Konda (2 months ago)
some of these are western/slutty norms who don't necessarily apply to the rest of the world. Some part of the world see other things as more important .
jetpack johnny (2 months ago)
3:08 ... well what the fuck good is that then? We aint out hehh tryna protecc. Unless u respecc. N let us get necc
jetpack johnny (2 months ago)
Do girls like it when i slip it in their ass instead of their vag... grab them by there hair and fuck them in the ass like i hate them while i whisper sweet nothings into her ear?

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