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10 things girls like about boys (TURN ONS)

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Text Comments (6105)
Riley White (1 day ago)
Never ask a fish how to catch a fish ask a fisherman.
Josh Eddy (2 days ago)
number 3 I relate to
예스님 (2 days ago)
Krisfitness17 KN (2 days ago)
Loveeeee your videos ❤️❤️
Ma Ner Mooie (3 days ago)
I can do this all day darling 🤙🤙
Robinson García (4 days ago)
Thanks for the advice. Love your eyes.
QuantumPhysics4u (5 days ago)
Men, if you knew that women base attraction on how other men regard you, these videos would have (rightfully) far fewer views.
WildCraft Gameplay (5 days ago)
For me, it's gross
Jeremy Mcgee (9 days ago)
But don't you have a boyfriend
Utrash Kidgergud (9 days ago)
I like gamer girls 😍😍😍
Amypeimi (9 days ago)
I like boys who jokes a lot :D
RËL0AD _ (11 days ago)
I was crying because the only “sexual” interaction was in preschool. damn... things change...
Ahmad Shommari (11 days ago)
Very helpfully,thanks!!!
Cage Kicker (13 days ago)
Up next, what turns guys off. 1 ) When girls say "like" in every sentence. 2) When girls use inflection in those sentences as if it's a question. 3) Playing with your hair because you can't pay attention. 4) Saying nice eyes or a nice smile is a turn on. That is a subjective attraction. You can't just go to the store and buy them. What's not nice looking to you may be nice looking to others. 5) "Take me out and show me off" in one sentence, then "I'm not a trophy" in the next. I'm not falling for that trap.
numb arm (13 days ago)
Ahmed Al-Johani (15 days ago)
What if we live in a simulation system where our feelings and emotions are controlled by a bigger force from outer space without even us realizing it.. We think we can make our own decisions .. We think we have the freewill.. What if the freewill is just a part of the simulation... We cannot proof that we are in reality... What if all the things around you are not reality.. Or it is just a simulation reality.. Try to think deeply about your existence in this so called "life" .. Your brain will deep dive in thoughts about who you really are.. until you reach a point where you brain goes completely blank and you can't think anymore.. Then you will freak out.. .. Because you exceeded the limits of your programed thinking.. Your thinking ability cannot exceed the limits of the program in the simulation..meaning... You cannot figure out how we came here on earth since the beginning..you cannot figure out things outside the simulation.. Our programmed thinking is centered to build civilizations inside the simulation..and do both the good and bad things to balance the simulation .. . But we don't really see what outside the simulation or who controls us.. And...and and....... ...I really need a girlfriend :(
The mystical Sarah (16 days ago)
So true
sam petitte (16 days ago)
you cute asf😘😍
Mad Mades2 (16 days ago)
Number six fits this a youtuber lance Stewart
exercise the great (19 days ago)
You r hilarious girl!😂😂😂
PreDaToR BO4 (19 days ago)
TurnOns in BO4
Tabitha Weese (20 days ago)
Be friendly and relate to me while being honest!😋
therealCinco (21 days ago)
I got all 10... @therealCinco on IG
lostcountofmyfandoms (22 days ago)
i dont understand why men ("men") are so offended by this. first off, these aren't requirements (except for the hygiene one, good god), they're called TURN-ONS for a reason. secondly, these aren't even difficult. i already just crossed 8 of them off the list, even though they relate to just being a good person in general, rather than femininity. this is basic human shit...
lostcountofmyfandoms (22 days ago)
btw to any shy boys/men reading this: at 1:20 when she mentions not being insecure...i think what she means is not being annoying with it, not having a fragile ego. because i actually find shy guys really cute and hot, etc. however if you're going to be a douche to try to hide your insecurities...we got problems. i think the same goes for girls.
Slacker Engi 2 (23 days ago)
1 Confidence 2 Hygene, (metro sexual is gay, SouthPark proved it) Clean room, nice smell 3 Soft touches(No, not gonna do that when I meet you, that's begging for jail) 4 Good kisser (How do I practice with no girl?) 5 Goals and effort (Had that for years, has yet to pay off) 6 Health and fitness, balance Cooking 7 Banter? Jokes, Sarcasm 8 Nice eyes and or smile(I guess body language) 9 Non-jelous, because trust (Backfires on me, but ok) 10 Proud of relationship and being social
Sharon Laing (23 days ago)
Your eyes are so pretty omg 😮 honestly I wish I had your eyes!!
Addi Gilbert (23 days ago)
If I had a bf I would make him do everything for me cause everyone thinks that girls should do the work.....................so ya bye
Ederson Augusto (23 days ago)
I wanted to give a present a very tight syrup in the belly kkkk
Amy Marie (24 days ago)
I don’t get how guys think it’s “gay” to wash their face or something. It’s like No one asked you to put a face mask on and paint your nails, you just need to WASH your face with SOAP and WATER.. it’s not that hard and it’s basic human hygiene buddy
marco colindres (26 days ago)
A guy like myself has the exact same turn ons. Especially the proud to be with me one. That one is in the top three for me. Much love! I really enjoyed watching this!
Joahus Williams (26 days ago)
I'm not the shit
Peter G. (27 days ago)
Mixer Tuber (28 days ago)
And all that you said
Mixer Tuber (28 days ago)
That's what I already do those things go to the gym eat well and all xx
MrStealYourComment (28 days ago)
Don’t forget the biggest thing that turns women on: MONEY
shaun barry (28 days ago)
Having money
TheReal JohnWick (28 days ago)
Ion know why I’m here. I already caught up on my sub list videos
iBFP (29 days ago)
3:06 I don't want to do this bc i don't wanna hear "FBI OPEN UP" on my door 12:00 AM
iBFP (29 days ago)
In 3:42 They way she said "number 5" turned me on
Darkhebi styles (29 days ago)
1. ask do she want them new fashion ova jeans.
Mr. Parker (1 month ago)
Best item in the world : No Limit Credit Card
juicy2knife (1 month ago)
the title its wrong. this is the real title: 1 thing girls like about boys: MONEY!!!!!
Charlotte Katakuri (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this, I don't even like real girls
Daniel Christiansen (1 month ago)
I’m 12 years old, ugly and skinny, have one friend who might not even be considered my friend, and have a feeling no one will reply to this comment. Someone help me.
SOGGY SOCK (1 month ago)
How others chat: hi How I chat: lol beans
Gabriel Ingi_ (1 month ago)
I bet everyone are guys
Girls like boys this is news to me
Your Average Joe (1 month ago)
Basically be perfect lol
brozic (1 month ago)
why tf am i here
Provuze (1 month ago)
So have you found this unicorn of a guy
XO FARHILLS (1 month ago)
2:52 “ah wtf you perv” that’s the reaction in 2019
Nasty_ViBeZ (1 month ago)
Why is this on my recommended
Dirty Diego (1 month ago)
I have blue green eyes... is that attractive 🤷🏽‍♂️
DARTH JAR JAR (1 month ago)
How to turn on a woman: 1x68867:88398= square root of Gx6888998666 divided by 9021 How to turn on men: 1+1
AarxnTylxr (1 month ago)
I'm deffinetly going to be doing a video on this 😂😂
Paul Sam (1 month ago)
turbovirgins warching, and I'm one of them :(
MRELLINGWORTH2.0 Luke (1 month ago)
Think she just desperate for a boyfriend.😂😂😂😂
HighlyQuestionable (1 month ago)
It is gay to take care of yourself. Just free ball it
Antholo G (1 month ago)
I get frustrated as hell when people assume that boys attract girls if they're 6ft I'm 5'7 so what?
Saitama (1 month ago)
These comments wild lolz
ツMart (1 month ago)
11. Money 12. Good looks 13. Big d1cks
ツMart (1 month ago)
Them biceps dawg
Zurby Kratish (1 month ago)
shes 17, fall back men
suhail Tripura (1 month ago)
2019 anyone 😭
TrueThoroughBred 1 (1 month ago)
Money is the main one tho. If you got few hundred thousand or a couple million you can be the most ugliest guy to have lived and take the beach model bodybuilder/singers ultra hot super model fitness girl who wears glasses literally at the snap of your fingers. AT THE SNAP of your fingers.
TrueThoroughBred 1 (1 month ago)
So to all the guys, there is a HUGE difference between what girls SAY they like or want and what they ACTUALLY like and want. 1.) Attractiveness, tall or short good smile, teeth, and skin. 2.) Money and a nice car or truck. 3.) Confidence to a fault. They love over confidence and douchbagyness. They love when you treat them like you dont really care because when they play the cute game and get attention it's a REWARD and makes them feel good. Hence why girls like douchbags. So, dont be a nice guy.
Jonathan Ortiz (1 month ago)
No i disagree because i feel like we should be ourselves to turn girls on. You don't need to be a certain way. Now if you would follow me on tik tok
Aidan Medina (1 month ago)
So be perfect
Pratt occelus (1 month ago)
Fox 101 (1 month ago)
I’m an anorexic squirt I’m not just short but just really small in general most all girls are taller than me so
Nathaniel Higgs (1 month ago)
Anyone else not feel like actually watching it all the way through?
CSR (1 month ago)
#9 is what gets your heart broken
Generic Meme (1 month ago)
Number 15, burger king foot lettuce
Aidan Medina (1 month ago)
Generic Meme the last thing you want in your Burger King burger is someone foot fungus
TheIroNerd (1 month ago)
*Recommended.....I did not want this*... ...A n d i n e v e r A S K E D
FreeDentalTreatment (1 month ago)
Been single since 2006 hehe... Fuck
Gašper B (1 month ago)
Why dfuck i am here ahahah😂🔥
Ben Kern (1 month ago)
Girls want money, every one saying that is a FAT gold digger
Stealthy • (1 month ago)
yo I’m screwed from the get go
Laeta Tv (1 month ago)
So dumb how people say dont be insecure like its your choice to be insecure🤷🏻‍♂️
Asif Hayat (1 month ago)
Every woman expect "respect+confidence" from his man.
Jeremiah Davis (1 month ago)
Thank you 😁
JayOhEssEePeeAitch (1 month ago)
# 11 big d*ck
Avonte Browning (1 month ago)
I bet u didn't know that making ur bed actually makes it more atractive to bed bugs
Chaz31949 (1 month ago)
How da *_HECC_* we gotta know if we good at kissing *_IF WE SINGLE_* like what the *_HECC_* is up with that?
Xman omega (1 month ago)
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SiCko BomBa (1 month ago)
Why tf am I here
Nick (1 month ago)
Wtf at 2:40
BRARO the Cowboy (1 month ago)
*everyone watching this is lonely* Including me
Evan Bardsley (1 month ago)
Take notes 12 year old boys
Cooter Robinson (1 month ago)
Im so glad Is' raised in the country I couldn't deal with a suburban or city girl like this
Cooter Robinson (1 month ago)
You're 100% raised in the suburbs have one black friend...your parents still pay your cell phone bill and you still live at home & you're like 22 yrs olds drink Starbucks , eat chicken fil a , drive either a Jeep Wrangler, VW Jetta or Jeep Patriot with a sticker of the college you goto that your dad bought you and smoke weed and juul everyday.. probably use the dog filter in all your Snapchat pictures and stick your tongue out in all your selfies
Devon Jones (1 month ago)
Can’t be good at kissing if you can’t get a girlfriend
Tenny (1 month ago)
7 year old Billy loves this video
Jeff Kaplin (1 month ago)
Now you might think That this guy only exists In your mind. And Guess what Your right. If you want love, Lower your expectations a few
Jonas Bertram (1 month ago)
I fucking love all these comments😂
Renas Tasan (1 month ago)
Why does this come on my reccomended
Natis Ev (1 month ago)
lemme tell you smth ... U WANT TOO MUCH
So you don’t like fat people.......,,, rude
WHITE MASK 999 (1 month ago)
She bursted a NUT

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