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10 things girls like about boys (TURN ONS)

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Text Comments (6166)
Mac Burrton (14 hours ago)
what do men like, Russian women, not fatty Yanks
Jiny (22 hours ago)
idk, i think this is just the epitome of her ideal man, not turn ons for all girls. let's say i have things that like in a guy, i'm not gonna be like him butdoesn't havethese however many stuff, he's out, i can't date him, if i love him then that aint matter. "flaws and imperfections" are what make a person interesting and attractive sometimes. even though i can't help that the guy i like probably has some qualities i like because that's why i fell in love with himm in the first place. also find a girl who loves you not ur money. a lot of comments are saying they only want abs and money, that makes me think how horrible are all the girls around you if you can say that generalising all girls on the planet, i feel sorry for that, but either gender their will be people like that, try and avoid them ok? good luck
ZiNk (23 hours ago)
Number 7. Bainterr
Senior Frog (23 hours ago)
10 Things GABBY Likes About Boys
Alex Didier (1 day ago)
#3 is a YES YES YES for me too!!
FranTheMan 06 (1 day ago)
This video was so cringey
Yeni Pelayo (2 days ago)
Yeni Pelayo (2 days ago)
What I want as a guy is to have my wife make me dinner
Phillis Swiftopher (2 days ago)
I just whip out my charizard EX Pokémon card and every women within a 5 mile radius come running
Beau Elston (3 days ago)
My girlfriend doesn’t like being shown off
Fozzie Taylor (3 days ago)
Hey this was a good video! 👍🏼
Amaya Sykes (5 days ago)
Turn on: lick yo LIPS gor me BABY BOY
Kaison Cottrell (7 days ago)
My eyes twinckle when i smile
Lukeyy (7 days ago)
1 - Have a nice car, to take them out wherever. 2 - Money to buy them things, Pay for Dates. 3 - Be fine with them having loads of Guy friends. 4 - Have a house / Apartment So they don’t have to do anything. 5 - Guys have to work while girls sit back and Judge us.
Jillian Taylor (8 days ago)
I looked at my crush and he looked at me XD
Mar-T-Nez (10 days ago)
Why didn't you title the video "10 things I like about boys"? 😂
Fibblewitz (10 days ago)
It really gets me going when a whamen is subscribed to PewDiePie
X.O.C (12 days ago)
chloe harvard (12 days ago)
Yeah totally the smell 👃
Josborn (13 days ago)
Some of this sounds like a job interview, seriously... This is just my personal opinion, so don't get offended: I think you need someone that is the complete opposite of you and not someone that agrees with everything you do and say... That's just me. Someone that argues with you and challenges you. Again, that's just me...
Ty Kent (13 days ago)
Gabby. Snapchat me know
Robin-Sons Squash (14 days ago)
Niels Huus (14 days ago)
Urghhh this is more how to keep the girl turned on to you rather then how to turn her on at the first place
Wally Ordona (14 days ago)
Is going to be... it sounds cute coming from you
Django Groen (15 days ago)
Except for that fitness I'm perfect on this list. 😂 And yes I'm not perfect. But just the things she said I mean
neonix BBO (16 days ago)
jeleaus i d'ont think so because when we boys get jeleaus that means how important you are for the guy and he don't want to lose you
Julian Griffiths (17 days ago)
Message for the guys: ( I am one yes) Be yourself don’t be a f boy just do what you like wear what you like and then you’ll see
pino84 (17 days ago)
everytime i watch one of does videos i consider going gay
Eduardo Lain (17 days ago)
It´s amazing how young people nowadays are more into superficial stuff, not saying only girls, but men too. They want everything in an easy way.
Arnold Nguyen (18 days ago)
This blew up and I’m not surprised
Saksham Dixit (18 days ago)
Seriously we guys don't even think about it😒
jacko89d (18 days ago)
First time watching your videos. Yes you're weird but some of the things you said are pretty interesting and accurate and were not expected. Though you look like the kind of girl who wants real stuff/real man/authenticity and whatever, yet at the same time you're attracted to social status, muscles and probably money. You girls are conflicted and don't know what you want.
Yellow Potato (20 days ago)
Ight I’m gong in✌🏻
D ragonMaster (21 days ago)
Is this true woman im on it lol
xpvoid YT (22 days ago)
Asa Curtis (22 days ago)
Americans don’t understand sarcasm... simple I have American relatives that done understand anything and took offence to everything
1 3 (23 days ago)
yeah..smelling well is a must and not like piss like I did experience with some good looking women that you wouldn't believe.
Greg Dundee (23 days ago)
Sorry but making your bed is a total waste of time
Niku MISTRY (23 days ago)
That was so weird how the camera refocused as she mentioned eye contact. its like the camera was listening and trying to turn her on.
We'reAll GoingToDie (24 days ago)
3:43 So that's how I got that girl in bed. Nice to know real estate investing helps me with the ladies. xD
M Family (26 days ago)
To sum it all up - let Matthew McConaughey be your role model.
Philip Anderson (26 days ago)
OOOOHHH! i like #10! _Mine_
Philip Anderson (26 days ago)
Women ARE SO Gay!
The thumbnail😑
Galaxy Gaming 3.0 (27 days ago)
Iam brown haired brown eyed white skined with curly hair and iam little bit short, am i good looking?
Dgr (27 days ago)
Why does this girl think she’s so entitled? She over here lookin like a pigeon nd here she is listing out her order from the man shop....
Dan Me (27 days ago)
i would cook 4 u everyday and smell good at the same time :D
destinyy sparkss (29 days ago)
We’re nothing alike
SkylarGamer (29 days ago)
Please don't do that ever
I can smell my nose (30 days ago)
That thumbnail makes you look like a professional booty licker😜
Visions Are my future (30 days ago)
I didn’t get any help from this video
Foekroka (30 days ago)
change the title to things people should normally do.
anthony 23 (30 days ago)
There’s a video of her nip slip
Si Chi (1 month ago)
Pure lies!! The only thing hot in guys is when they are straight forward and just ask for bobs and vagene pics.
Travis Bruley (1 month ago)
I have a question
JOOG SQUAD! (1 month ago)
comment if your a girl like if your a guy #0CommentGANG
Alexandre Senna (1 month ago)
1-money 2-money 3-money 4-money 5-money 6-money 7-money 8-money 9-money 10-six pack abs
AmericanGod Official (1 month ago)
Am I hot ?
George Kenny (1 month ago)
Just have alot of money you'll be swimming in thots
Tvvizted (1 month ago)
This video should be tittle "10 things girls who loves looks, money and king kong cocks like"
Tvvizted (1 month ago)
So in order to be liked, I have to be a good kisser. But being a good kisser implies kissing someone. So if I go through life just without kissing anyone therefore I would have no practice. And in consequence, won't be good enough for you... Gotcha.
Revolver Ocelot (1 month ago)
Thank you for the tips certainly helps :-)
Robbie Marz (1 month ago)
Women are seagulls.
Jackson Rasmussen (1 month ago)
Guys don’t mind washing #sexest
Conor Mckenna (1 month ago)
OK never say banter again 😂
Denis G. (1 month ago)
I love women but "MGTOW" that the movement 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂
frum (1 month ago)
She talks, acts, and does the same thing as Gabrielle Moses
DNj800 (1 month ago)
1 cg video and now I'm hooked.
Mystery Man (1 month ago)
Started when cologne and had random woman just come up to me and sniffed me said I smelled nice was funny and awkward at the same time since I was working as well
dsauce223 (1 month ago)
Hey Gabby, I have a gf but I'd be happy to cook for you sometime just so that you can say it happened. Lol
Miguel Elliot (1 month ago)
Andrew Brown (1 month ago)
According to this we should grab lunch
Christ Soldier (1 month ago)
I have so many bad things to say
Christ Soldier (1 month ago)
+smitten kitten it's ok it's kind of difficult because I'm going through change, I used to be open and loving and caring to everyone but it's dangerous and I realize that now that I'm older, since a majority of people are mean and selfish
smitten kitten (1 month ago)
+Christ Soldier hbu?
smitten kitten (1 month ago)
+Christ Soldier it's good ☺
Christ Soldier (1 month ago)
+smitten kitten ok, it took 2 hours for me to get that notification :( how's your life?
smitten kitten (1 month ago)
+Christ Soldier im 18 and that's cool, sure why not .. :)
king cat (1 month ago)
Turns out, top 3 things in list are all of the things Jordan Peterson tells men to do.
Rob Hines (1 month ago)
king cat because JBP is the goat 🐐
Jordan Hicks (1 month ago)
Girls HMU in snap jordanmiles765
xX GOON (1 month ago)
Wow you're beautiful. I mean i only wanna change one thing about you. Your last name
smitten kitten (1 month ago)
Omg 😆😂😂😂😂
Texas Panhandle (1 month ago)
I'm perfectly fine being single, relationships aren't the same as they use to be.
i used to think that but ive been moisterising for quite some time now and i never smell bad
Johnriel Maglasang (1 month ago)
Chaching > this list.
StormySquad1 (1 month ago)
I like how all of these are basically reskins of what we already know. "Be driven, know what you want, be passionate about your goals" = Money "Hygiene", nice smile, etc. = Be good looking "Health" = have a 6 pack
SkylanderMe (1 month ago)
If you don’t have these attributes, get them
luis silva (1 month ago)
but i am the shit... i am a show type of guy.
Musicfreek4 (1 month ago)
I would love to cook for you!
Julian Beattie (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ. This is worse than the Kardashians or some shit. Grow up. Damn. How did this show up in my feed? 😂😂
Yoshimitsu Victor (1 month ago)
I think I’m you’re type
Eyeless Jack (1 month ago)
Can you please help me I am always nervous around girls
Tom DeVito (1 month ago)
Listen man don't be nervous just relax and be yourself. Make the woman feel special what i mean by that is make her smile, compliment her, make her laugh, talk to her about her day, be a gentleman, and most importantly...TREAT HER WITH RESPECT. Good luck :)
Saxon Jackman (1 month ago)
Reading through all these comments and you are all acting like she’s asking too much of a guy when she’s really not.
doze gamin (1 month ago)
never take advice from a women.
Wavy head Chris (1 month ago)
But the trust part is iffy because what if you were in a relationship right and a girl cheated on you right y’all broke up your trust for girls just went down that’s not our fault it’s natural
Jack (1 month ago)
Came in clutch
Step 1 : Be Rich Step 2 : Don't Be Poor Step 3 : Stay Rich
William Lewis (1 month ago)
It turns me on when girls like to hunt
Lisbet Garcia (1 month ago)
When they toght they hair flip that shit😂😍
popeye popeye (1 month ago)
No ases nada ni muestras nada poreso ya no seré suscriptor
strups (1 month ago)
Number one secret ingredient to get any girl is to USE TIEGE HANLEY
Johan M (1 month ago)
I think i have the most fuckedup gf then....because i do and have all that stuff and she is always moody af with me
CodeNameGhost (1 month ago)
Being a good kisser is pretty bs, like im still gonna fuck either way. Lol... No girl will ever be like "u don't know where to put your tongue so you ain't getting it"... If you made it to the "we are alone and kissed part" then you're pretty much gonna smash 99.9%.
CodeNameGhost (1 month ago)
+smitten kitten If it works it works, some people like getting their toes sucked... :|
smitten kitten (1 month ago)
+CodeNameGhost lmao i guess u would know 😜😂😂
CodeNameGhost (1 month ago)
+smitten kitten the neck was invented for bad mouth kissers. Lmaoooo
smitten kitten (1 month ago)
Lmfao yea oooooook ........
ahmed aldhafeeri (1 month ago)
Just so you guys know. Every girl has completely different 10 things lol
Salvador Olague (1 month ago)
I gotchu
ravi kumar (1 month ago)
[email protected]@k urself I'll be who I am Hope you get a biggest one u r tooo eager

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