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Adidas Copa 19.3 SALA (indoor) REVIEW
I got these indoor football boots for Christmas. I really liked them that I had to make a review video. Thanks for watching! The music in this video comes from the same creator. Subscribe to him, you can visit his channel here: http://youtube.com/joakimkarud
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Green Skies in NEW YORK?!?!
I caught this "first-person" footage of an unexplainable event in New York. This happened at about 9:00 PM (it was supposed to be dark). The sky was blinking green... 👽 Watch this get a million views. 😅
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Bleached Vintage Tshirt DIY
Found a Vintage Tshirt in my local thrift store, it looked too new to be considered vintage so I decided to make a DIY video on how to make "bleach stripes." This was an experiment but it turned out great. Thanks for watching! Music Credit: 1. "That Girl" by Lakey Inspired https://youtu.be/ZT89A89s5DM 2. "Better Days" by Lakey Inspired https://youtu.be/2HiP-Sdtbck 3. "Tango for Two" by David Cutter Music https://youtu.be/9tc4t_yraks
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Treasure Hunt Sterling: Fifa Mobile
don't subscribe.
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Mexican Gym Advertisement: Spanish  Project
March. 2019. We made a masterpiece of a project for Spanish II. My Spanish teacher better give me a 110% on this....😰😰😰
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