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Writing beautiful code in Swift using SwiftLint
In this video I'll show you how to install and setup SwiftLint on your existing Xcode project. I'm also going to show how you can use Hound CI to enforce the rest of the team to start following the coding convention specified by SwiftLint. Links: SwiftLint repo: https://github.com/realm/SwiftLint Homebrew: http://brew.sh Pull Request created in video: https://github.com/JagCesar/CloudKitCurrentUser/pull/1 Hound CI: https://houndci.com
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How to install and use Carthage with Xcode
⚡️It's super important that you uncheck the box "Copy items if needed" that appears at 5:09" ⚡️ How to install Carthage on your computer and setup Carthage with a brand new Xcode project. Links: Homebrew: http://brew.sh Carthage: https://github.com/carthage/carthage Xcode project created in video: https://github.com/JagCesar/CarthageDemo
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Creating a UIButton with Rounded Corners
In this episode I'll show you how you create a custom UIButton that has a rounded border and does the following: - Updates the border automatically if the size changes - Supports Dynamic Type - Updates border color correctly when enabled/disabled Links Code created in video: https://github.com/JagCesar/RoundedButton My Twitter: https://twitter.com/jagcesar
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Automate stuff using Fastlane
In this video I'll walk you through my Fastlane config which helps me be more efficient. ⚡️ You can download the Fastfile here: https://gist.github.com/JagCesar/a1b2788f5101246adfe51ee5b3300b81 Hit me back with suggestions on other stuff I should go through!
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