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Aleris - Take Me Far Away [sid metal/instrumental]
DOWNLOAD *MP3* WITH BETTER SOUND HERE http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?rrk1l5izuq3xiu4
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Aleris - FACE THE REAPER [epic metal/instrumental]
DOWNLOAD *MP3* WITH BETTER SOUND HERE http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?54yxl1zjnwe4bi4 **FIXED SOUND! added parts** Aleris - Face The Reaper Breathtaking meeting pt.1 Окей, были замечания на счёт звука. Пошаманив с кучей туториалов по сведению я разобрался что куда. Теперь звук прекрасно адаптирован под наушники (раньше сводил под колонки онли)
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Aleris - Lighthouse
People simply don't need music and I had a lack of motivation making mine last years. So feedback is highly appreciated. Lighthouse is one of my recent compositions. I had to spend more time studying all the sound stuff to make a better result.
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Aleris - Bedtime Monsters
This is the deepest song, probably a quintessence of Aleris. Just listen this at night and let your imagination to do the job, because that's what Aleris is all about. I know a lot of people here wait for my music, but I left shortly after Google became such dicks with their pattern layouts and other stuff. No space for creativity here no more. Next months Im going to publish the songs that I wrote in the past two years just for these 100 subscribes that I've got. You guys can find me on soundcloud if you want to trace my latest songs, there are more than just metal ;) https://soundcloud.com/gigatless
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Aleris feat. Kroaton - Divine Fury
oh the cover!
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Aleris - Legacy
This is one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy.
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RIP LUCIO (Top 500 Hammond)
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Overwatch is broken
So while being at the same place as everyone else Soldier and Moira are absolutely immune.
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Quality Boop (10000 hours Lucio)
Screw doomfists!
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